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A super bowl free zone....

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we are amoung the small minority who have never watched a super bowl. In fact the last football ganme I saw was in college: the Princeton-Yale game. I was only interested in my date. and the flowers he gave me.

So instead:
we read
played quiddler - a word card game
went to Lowes for shelving
took a nap and snuggled
baked scones
had a bubble bath
watched last weeks Rome.

Any other no super sunday people?
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I watched it once but that was only because I was really bored so I went out to a super bowl party. I didn't really watch too much of it though. Yesterday I was at work while it was on and didn't have a single customer for the last 3 hours.
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No superbowl for me! Instead I watched a What Not To Wear marathon on TLC, sat on the couch with the kitties and ate what I wanted! It was wonderful!
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I worked yesterday doing a candle party then hightailed it out of there just as the game was starting. went home, ordered some take out and watched some Netflix.

I just hate football.
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I'll join the No Super Bowl Club! I hope no one is offended by the fact that I call it the Stupor Bowl
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We didn't even realize it was Super Bowl Sunday! We've got the RV parked next to the house, and it is FREEZING here these past couple of days- so we decided last night we had to head out make sure everything was OK. It was pretty chilly (we have a little electric heater on "frost watch" setting), so we decided to turn the actual RV heater on for a while. We didn't want to leave it running while we weren't in there, so we turned on the TV. It must have been 9:57 and we were flipping channels. Gary stopped on the ball game and said "Hunh - it's the super bowl!" There was 2 minutes left to the game and it was clear the Colts had won. We didn't even know who'd made it to the Super Bowl - let alone that the game was yesterday.

Yesterday, we went through stuff we had in storage in the basement. We're going to have to move, so we started sorting everything into "keep," "good will," and "garbage" - because today was garbage day.

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I didn't watch it, I cleaned all day and hung out on here. It may have been on in the background, but I had no idea what was going on
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stupor bowl. hahahah i like that.

and What not to wear is an amzing show. I love those two women.
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Nate made me watch half of it live on telly but then I needed to go to bed as I had work this morning (it was due to finish at about 3am here!)

TBH I don't really 'get' it, it just takes too long - I enjoy watching football (ie what many of you would call 'soccer'), it's fast moving and over in an hour and a half, no cheerleaders or bands, just get the game started and carry on til it's over
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I watched the Super bowl and won $250 in the office Super Bowl pool.

I should have won another $1000 but I won't get into that since this is the "super bowl free zone".
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