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Our pack (pic heavy)

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I'm a new member here and there was a suggestion to post pictures of all pack members here.

Sorry! Your fault as I have tons of pictures and just like to share them.

Here we are!

Barry and Cedrik

Betty and Charlie

Cedrik and Minnie

Cedrik and Charlie

Food time (you know, there always are better food in the dogs bowl, of course )

Cedrik, Barry and my niece (with chickenpox) being silly
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yay, no problem we love photos
they are really good ! love the one with all the legs and what were the dogs looking at in the one with your niece ?? they look so focused the ones with the cats are just so adorable

fab, fab, fab........thanks
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They look like lovely dogs.
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What a handsome pair of GSDs!! and that's great that the kitties and them get along so well
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Your dogs are gorgeous! Thanks for posting the photos. GSDs are my favorite breed!
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you have a lovely pack! welcome to TCS!!!
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Very pretty GSDs! (and I can sympathize with your neice, I had chicken pox at Christmas when I was little! )
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OMG! Those pics are just ADORABLE!!! ALL of them!!!
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They are adorable!! It is always great to see dogs and cats getting along.
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Sweet pics
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your dogs are gorgeous!!! thankyou for sharing your pictures with us
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Love all the pics!!!
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I love your fur family! Thanks for the photos!
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