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Boot to shoes?

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How many of you wear boots and then change to shoes when you get to work?

I was just thinking about that as my feet are when I go outside but are fine when I get inside. That's cause I wear shoes where ever I go. I only wear boots for a night out.
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I have Uggs and wear them outside as well as in the office. Like big ugly comfy slippers.

I go barefoot in the office in the summer, too.
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Wow, you're quick! I had barely finished the poll

Uggs rule! I want a pair!
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I hate boots. I wear shoes year round.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I have Uggs and wear them outside as well as in the office. Like big ugly comfy slippers.

I go barefoot in the office in the summer, too.
You're very brave. I would never go barefoot in a public place.
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The college student who doesn't actually have a "real" job wears Uggs all day, everyday in this crazy weather
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I wear boots to work and shoes on my days off.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
You're very brave. I would never go barefoot in a public place.
If I NEVER had to wear shoes I would be a VERY happy girl.

I have size 6 EE feet, and can't wear heels, most off the shelf shoes just do NOT fit me. Even most wide widths in women's shoes aren't wide enough for my feet as they usually only go up to a size D.

I grew up running barefoot in the streets, LOL. So I wear boots a lot, especially harness-style boots, then I usually have to buy boys size 5-5 1/2 for them to fit right in the length and width.

In the summer, I wear nothing but SAS Duo style sandals. Thank God for eBay!!! (That's where I got my Uggs, too, bought them in the summertime for about $105 shipped. )
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I wear shoes only because the most I am outside is walking from my car to my job and back again and then from my car to my front door (5 feet)
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My only boots are Sketchers chunky boots (Doc Marten ripoffs).
No way I'm going through the hassel of lacing them, just to change them shortly after
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I voted for cheese!! Really I just wear whatever I find by the door! Today it was boots, but mostly its fakenstocks!

Summer means flip flop weather!
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I wear my uggs everyday to work, then change to high heeled boots!
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I don't wear nothing on my feet but crocs, unless I am doing my walking. Then I wear my walking shoes.

But any other time I wear crocs.
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I usually wear shoes/dress boots unless the snow is high enough to get into my shoes then I wear my winter boots & change.

My feet are almost always cold in the winter and actually many of my shoes area actually warmer than my winter boots.
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Outdoors I normally only ever wear boots - I have LOADS of pairs!!

Because I have always lived in a household where we take shoes off in the house, I take them ff as soon as I get to my desk and pad around in my socks all round the office. I have to be reminded to put them back on again if I am interviewing or going into meetings, so I at least look a little bit professional!!!
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I love boots, and wear them at every opportunity. If it's too hot for boots, then I like sandals.

Cheers, from
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I chose the cheese option

I wear boots to work and shoes on the weekend..I'll wear fancy boots if I go out though.
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I prefer cheese!
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I said mostly shoes, but that depends on the day. If I work and it's not snowing to the point of getting snow in my shoes, then it's shoes for me, otherwise I'll suffer and wear boots to work. I just hate risking getting my boots ruined by grease, so I try not to wear them. If I'm off, I wear boots, but lately I've been wearing shoes because my feet are swelling and I'm not sure why and the boots hurt my feet. I'd go barefoot 24/7 if I could.t5rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Neffie wanted to put her 2 cents in too!)
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I'm confused????
When I had office job I would wear snow boots from when I left my house until I got to work then change into shoes or "dressy" boots.
I also kept another pair of snow boots in the vehicle just in case. I would never wear these boots all day-they are for winter weather wearing.
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I wear boots when it is snowing or icy or I will wipe out in the parking lot!
I would prefer to wear only shoes but with the cold and the massive lake effect snow, my warmth and safety have to prevail.
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I only wear boots if I am shoveling the driveway, but I chose the cheese option. Mmmmmm... foot cheese.
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OK so I got another pair of boots. Nine West is having a nicely discounted sale right now and I got these for $20.

I realised this morning though that they're fashion I was ice skating on our driveway. Basically I should've had a drink in my hand when I was skating across the drive

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Heels like that do not usually provide good traction......
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Hey lunasmom, those are some nice boots!

Im a boot to shoe changer...If I drove into the University id probably just wear shoes, but even the 2 block of walking to the LRT is enough that shoes get snow filled, wet, cold etc. My trusty boots make it here, and then I put on a pair of black flats....
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I dont own boots!! *blushes* I kept saying I was going to buy a pair of Uggs this year, but..............still havent managed to buy any!!
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I remember when people thought sensible warm boots were a fashion faux pas and I got made fun of for wearing boots. Anyway, I have a pair that were my moms since before I was born. I stold them when I went to school. And now that its -1 and a blizzard out there, I think I'm gonna wear them. And change shoes when I get to work.

But normally I just wear my vaguely boot-like clogs (they have backs) or sneakers.
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