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Monday's DT

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Okay...I have no idea why I even thought I could make it through a day at work. I can't concentrate much and this coughing is driving me insane. Let's not mention what my co-workers are thinking of me right now.

The Dr. has told me that I have pneumonia. I am taking the medication required now but I think I should have spent one more day in bed.

It's raining here right now. A real Blah! day. Oh well....we need the rain so I am not complaining much.

Hope you all have a great day.

Hubby had a really nice surprise planned for our anniversary on friday. I came home and he had booked the babysitter. He was taking me out for supper. Had to cancel because I did not feel good. Hopefully I can cash in on this 'date' this week-end!
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Gysaline, I hope you're feeling better soon. Pneumonia is nothing to be sneezed at (pun intended ) and you should be home in bed! Thinking of you...
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Ghys! Go home and take care of yourself - you don't want to end up back in the hospital.

I am having a rotten day - I just want to go home. They came to me at work this morning and told me to do I job I haven't done in months - I am not up to date enough to do it. They gave me 20 minutes to refresh myself. I am freaking as they have made so many changes! If you don't use your knowledge you lose it! I am dying here trying to make sure all info is covered correctly for our clients.
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Ghys - GO TO BED! Even in this day and age, people die from pneumonia.

I have the day off. My boss told me that, if I worked
last Saturday, I'd have the following weekend off. He lied! Not only did I have to work, Saturday - he scheduled me 10 hours! That's the LAST time that I come in on a day off!

Bill and I went for a long drive, yesterday. So much has changed. We drove around places that I used to hang out. A lot of them aren't there, anymore.

Today is busy. Friday was payday and my alimony is in. Need to go get gift certificates, for the kids and for my parents' anniversary.

Have a good Monday!
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Ghyslaine! If you have pneumonia you should be IN BED!!!!!! You will get even worse if you force yourself to do to much today!!! Don't make me come over there and drag you home! :laughing:

Amber's Dedication service was yesterday at church. She wore her beautiful Christening gown and she looked sooooo beautiful! She even had a matching bonnet, though it was a wee bit big.
It went really well, I thought! The paster didn't ask us to promise to bring her to church every single sunday like he implied he was going to do, he just asked us to promise to raise her up to believe in God, and with the teachings of the bible. We took lots of pictures of her in her gown, and my step-daughter took some during the ceremony, so when they are developed I will have them put on a disk and post them here for you to see! She didn't cry once the whole service!!! My mother-in-law acted like being in church was going to kill her...:laughing: She sat clear in the back row by the door, even though the rest of us sat closer to the front!!! She couldn't wait to get out of there, and even left early!
But it was still nice of her to come for it.

This is my very last week off work.

Today I am going to Walmart, they are having a photographer there, and for $3.88 you can get a picture package (includes sitting fee) and the package has a 10x13, 2-8x10's, 3-5x7's, some smaller ones and 15 wallet size. I think that's pretty darn good for $3.88!!!! Of course THEY get to pick the picture for the package, and they will take other poses and try to sell me more, but I figured, even with them picking the picture, I can't go wrong for that price!!!! They will probably pick one where she has her face all puckered up or something, and then show me the good ones, but hey, it's worth a shot!

Amber is sleeping right now...she was up all night.

Guess that's about it for me. Hope you all are having a great day! And Ghyslaine, get to feeling better soon!!!
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Pneumonia - Go home (get better!)

I really really hate Mondays!

Last night we went to the Ducks vs. Kings hockey game (gosh I love hockey!)

I hope today goes by really really fast, so I can go home a take a nap!

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Ghys - go home and rest for goodness sakes! Hope you get to feeling better soon, though.

Debby I'm glad Amber's christening went well. I'm sure she was just beautiful in her gown and bonnet. Can't wait to see the pics!

Lizza, was it a good game? I think I can guess who won. :laughing2:

Sounds like everyone is having a pretty rotten day. I was in a decent mood when I came in, but my supervisor is being a real rag today. She's the bookkeeper and it is fiscal year end so she's really busy. It wouldn't bother me that she's running around in a whirlwind, but she's all smiles and laughs with the guys and real snippy with me. I can't even use the restroom because she has her door closed and I am not to disturb her when she has her door closed, but I have to tell her if I leave my desk.

Alice Cooper is playing here tonight, and we have tickets to see him. Maybe even get backstage! That would be too cool. Of course, that means that I will be tired for the rest of the week, but some things are worth it!
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Ghyslaine, I refused to go to the hospital in December. I ended up being there for a month as a result. I almost died, and it was only viral pneumonia, not the deadly pneumococcus (sp?). There's more to this, but it's a lot worse than I already told you, so please, I'm urging you for the sake of your health the rest of your life, GO NOW. And if your coughing gets worse, call 911. I didn't even feel sick and I "lost" 3 days-for which I can't account. GO!
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Originally posted by valanhb
Lizza, was it a good game? I think I can guess who won. :laughing2:

It was a GREAT game.... 7 (Kings) to 4 (Ducks)

I'm a Kings fan.... BUT, the Ducks are gonna be great this year!

They signed a lot of rookies who are awesome!
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Okay....I am signing off and heading home. Thought I was feeling a wee better and decided to have lunch. Not a good idea. My stomach did not take it too well.

I am just finishing off one project and I've already been 'asked to leave' by my boss!

Honestly, I guess I am not as well informed about pneumonia as I thought. I thought that since I have been given an anti-biotic, I should be up and about as normal, in less than 48 hours. You guys are keeping me alert. I think I may have caught it early though. It only started last monday.

Debby...can't wait to see pictures!

Heidi, have a great time tonight.

Thanks everyone for your concern. It is greatly appreciated. I'll probably be checking in only tomorrow.
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G. In case you're still on, after you get over Pneumonia, it takes at least a month to get your strength back. It's bad news.
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Ghys, I've never had pneumonia, but my son did last year. The pediatrician told me he would need a minimum of 2 weeks recovery, even after the symptoms were gone.

Just try not to push yourself too hard, take it easy so you can recover fully before working again. Pneumonia is serious business.
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Bad news for me, again. No Alice Cooper concert for me. Earl has to be there early because apparently he has to be there to give out the tickets that he gave away at the club he DJs at. He has to leave before I even get off work, so I have to miss yet another concert. *SIGH* Sometimes it really sucks being responsible and having a real job.
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Ghyslaine - you better be at home in bed!!!
Heidi - here's hoping you get backstage!

Hope EVERYONE is feeling better real soon.

Today is hubby's 40th birthday - gotta go celebrate!
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I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm sure your hubby will give you a "rain check" on your anniversary dinner. Take care.
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Just found out my biology teacher from 11th grade died today from cancer complications......

Gosh NOW I feel guilt for hating the woman! :indiffere

She was a horrible, mean woman.... but it feels weird to know she's dead.

I still said a prayer for her family... I'm sure they loved her very much!
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Came home and went right to bed but....I couldn't fall asleep. It was so annoying. First, I needed water. Then...I had to use the bathroom. Then, I forgot to bring a box of kleenex, then, I decided to find a magazine. was all pretty exhausting. I did lay down but not to sleep!

I am counting on my magic cough syrup to knock me out until tomorrow morning.

Thanks for all your well wishes. I'll let you know tomorrow morning how my night went.

Have a great night.

P.S. Came home and found our basement invaded with wasps. Hubby has been fighting them for the past couple of hours. So far...not one bee sting! As for me...I pray I can sleep peacefully. We'll keep the basement door closed and a towel to block the bottom. *sigh* always something going on.
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Get well before you go back to work, G. It's important. Rest all week. I'm sure you'll need it to get well. Then you'll BEGIN to get your strength back. Take your antibiotic and listen to the doctor. We don't want you going to the hospital. We need you here!
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Ghys, I'm glad you're at home and in bed now. I've had both pneumonia and bronchtitis(sp?) at different times in the past and I know what you're going through. The last time I had pneumonia (mild case) was a couple of months ago, and the silly doctor wouldn't let me stay at home to rest and get well. Fortunately, I only had to work about 4 days and then I had the next week off as vacation time. But who wants to be sick then??!??!??!

Stay in bed and get well soon!!!
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