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V-Day gift ideas

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I don't have any idea what to do for Lee for V-day. Nothing huge cause money is very tight. BUt i want to do something. Any ideas?
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What about a nice romantic night in? Get some filets, and maybe a lobster tail, light some candles, put on some music, take a bath and go to bed early!
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I'm in the same position- I have no idea
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Lingerie!! Lee will love that
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THe vctoria secret thread got me thinking of that. I might be looking for a new little number!
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How about making his favourite meal - unless its KFC - and even then you could have that delivered just as a 'bit of fun' ........then wrap up those lovely new 'items' you got from Victoria Secrets and pass the gift over the table !! let the music play, the wine do its thing.....then whatever
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His favorite meal is Hamburger helper! Not a romantic meal at all!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
His favorite meal is Hamburger helper! Not a romantic meal at all!

well get a bag of heart shaped confetti, get his burger in a box, put all the little hearts in the box and tie the box with red ribbon !!
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I baked cookies one year, and individually wrapped them with a little piece of paper with something I love about Ian. He took one with his lunch every day until they were gone and really liked reading the little slip of paper.

One year I started making a scrapbook and left blank pages to add to later.

I usually make him a CD with all kinds of songs on there that he'll like.

A good old fashioned love letter might do it, depending on if Lee is the kind of guy who would appreciate something like this.

We don't usually do much and we do our best to avoid buying gifts. Generally, we just make a little something homemade and either cook/go out to dinner and split a bottle of wine. We try to avoid spending tons of time and money on V-Day, especially since it usually falls on a weekday and we're both pretty much busy 100% of the time.
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I got my boyfriend a watch and I had to let him try it on and it didn't fit him so I had to return it. I was going to get something engraved on it thats why I had to make sure it fit him before I did that.
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A nice meal with soft music playing and maybe even a nice bubble bath.
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I'm attempting to make this:

and fill it up with goodies. I'm also going to make a candlelit dinner and run us a bubble bath!

I would have the bucket done by now, but I can't find the paper that I want to cover it!!
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I'm still hoping we are going to the Garden Expo in Madison sometime this weekend and that I will find a VD gift (for me!!) there!!
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He is there with you thats the most that counts!

I think you should feel sorry for us who dont have boyfriends :toungue2:
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Fran I am sorry you don't have a valentine this year! I am sure your babies will be your valentines. And hey they don't talk back!

I also need to add that every idea helps cause the 26th is our 4 year anniversary!
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