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Strong Urine

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What could cause strong urine other than lack of water and UTI?
I think it is Benson. I usually can go a week before changing the litter and this time I couldn't I scoop everyday sometimes twice. It was the urine that was smelling so bad. Very strong ammonia smell.

Also what are the signs of UTI? He isn't straining and he goes the usual amt.
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Could be but I dont have a male cat... I know Kandies stopped smelling when she got a uti??? but she has kidney issues

New treat or canned food???
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We did switch the flavor of his food. He is eating Nutro Maxx. This flavor is chicken & liver. Hmm me wonder!
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Check your primary food source. Dry food high in grains and meals or any dry containing by-product should be eliminated. This could be causing your cats filtering systems to work overtime and will absolutely cause problems if there isn't one currently. Whole meat sources recommended.
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what was the old flavor???

I know when the girls get salmon or tuna.. WOOO HOOO in the box ...
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Last one was a turkey & something and the first was whitefish & something. haha. Sorry DH picks out the flavors. We don't want to feed him the same flavor over and over. I wish they had a variety pack.

He is eating the adult indoor weight management dry food by Nutro. We couldn't get kitten dry food for him since we have 2 others.
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Well hate to be alarming but you were already

might need a vet visit if it doesnt clear in the next day or so ...
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He's neutered, right?
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Yep Benson is neutered. I am wondering if it is one of the other 2 cause I sniffed after Ben went yesterday. Don't you wish they would use their own box. LoL
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