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change in male's behavior

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Hi everyone! I'm new here and am enjoying reading all the posts. My problem is with my neutered male's (Cooper-16mos) behavior since we had our female (Mya-11mos) spayed this past Saturday. They got along fine. he was never a cuddler but he was my first cat and Mya came along about 4 months later. He is the bigger of the 2. his carrier is bigger and we let Mya sleep in his carrier after the surgery so she would have a place to stay calm and he would not bother her. They don't normally sleep in the carriers. On Sunday when we left to go out visiting with them, Mya was asleep so we tried to put him in her carrier. well he got very nasty and started hissing and has been hissing ever since, at her and at us. We let him have the carrier back after washing the blanket that she laid on, but he's still being nasty. They are alone during the day tomorrow and i am worried that he will fight with her while i am gone. Any suggestions on why he is behaving like this? should i separate them while i am gone til she is healed from the surgery?
Sorry this is so long,
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I would separate them when you are not around especially if you fear that he may hurt her. I am not sure why all of a sudden he would be acting this way. But be very observant and see if they are any triggers when he hisses at her. Notice where they are in the house and what time of day it is. Is it only when you are near? Is it around food, toys, carriers, etc. Or does he just do it all the time whenever he sees her?

Just give him time, he may have felt an adjustment in his schedule or surroundings in some way. Do not force them to be friends at this time. Hopefully he will eventually come around. If he continues for a or worsens I would have him checked out by a vet just to make sure nothing else is wrong with him.

Good luck
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Could he be acting this way as Mya smells differently after being at the vet?
I'd seperate them for the time being for safety's sake
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It's common for cats to not get along after one has been to the vet because they smell different.

You can try the vanilla trick, dab a little vanilla under the chin and at the base of the tail on both cats. That will make them smell the same.

I would be keeping them separate for a few days anyway so she can recover from surgery.
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Thank you for all the replies. I think you have it right with the smell difference. Mya spent some time grooming herself and now Cooper is back to his old self again. Since these are my first cats, i really appreciate the fact that there are people like you out there to help when someone needs it.

Thanks so much,
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