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Whats for lunch? 2/5/07

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My mom brought me left over Corned Beef and Cabbage but I am just not in the mood for it. I want something fattening! But i will settle for a Turkey Sub from Subway.

So what are you having?
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Something I can hold in my hands to warm them up.
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I had some pasta for lunch
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I have off from work today so I thought I'd take my mom out to lunch since she usually takes me. I'm sure I'll have way too many choices at a buffet...
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I had a microwaved pretzels. I think they are called super pretzels or something. They are frozen and you just stick them in the microwave for a minute.
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Yum those are good!
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I haven't had lunch yet (I'll pick some up after my next class), but I'm jonesing for a black bean quesadilla and a salad
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I think some chicken noodle soup
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Ravioli and some fuzzy peaches
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I am not sure, me and my mom are going to shopping at walmart in a bit so I will just probably pick something up from the deli like their popcorn chicken.
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I just got bck from the grocery store (Yes, I'm one of those that keep food at work )

Anyhoo. I'm eating salad and 2-bite brownies.

I also got for this week, soup, hummus and pita, and some apples to snack on. And Oatmeal for breakfast
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well I had a pretzel at the one place in the mall although I should have got I have come to the conclusion that I am ALWAYS hungry I am hungry now so I might eat something else...but I just dont kno what hmmm
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I had a small Quiznos classic italian sub on rosemary wheat bread with water to drink and a sm bag of bbq chips.
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I had some chicken soup that I's menagerie mama's "Is that Chicken I smell?" soup from the cattitude cookbook. It's delish!!!
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Mmmmmm, I brought in some Tuscan mac and cheese that I made yesterday. It is perfect for cold weather days. This is one of my favorite comfort foods - I mentioned it on the comfort food thread a week ago!
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fresh turkey w/ provolone cheese and lettuce on whole wheat bread yummm!!!
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My best friend Renae and I had Mcalister's Deli for lunch. I had a smoked turkey sandwich on sourdough with spicy brown mustard and provoline only. I also had a small cesar salad with it and some water
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