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Digging in ears

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Hey all....just a quick question here. My cat has been digging at her right ear for a while...like normally she itches and cleans herself fast, but that one ear she does it slowly. I just lost my job, so i really dont have the money to get her in right now, but was just wondering if anyone can give me signs of an ear infection. Its not red inside i looked for that. And her behavior and appetite is totally normal. Otherwise i will have to see if an exam is that expensive. I did get her from the humane society and when i first got her she had ear mites, but they gave her meds for that, and then she got checked and they were gone. She is an indoor cat. Anyone have suggestions...Pickles and i really appreciate it! Thank you very much for your time!
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I would maybe head to the store and get some kitty ear wipes and give that a try.

Just a suggestion.
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Heres a link to ear-mites that explains symptoms etc..........

ear mites
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Flowerbelle didn't have an infection per se, but kept having gunk in her ears. The vet tested it, and it turned out a bacteria was causing it. We had to get drops for her.

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How long has she been doing it? Occasionally Zoey or Saki will dig a little longer than normal in their ear(s) like maybe they have an itch down in there that they cant get.
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Its been about a month now....i looked in there and it isnt red at all. She goes in the basement sometimes, so maybe got something in there. She doesnt act in pain. But im thinking when she has to get her shot, just to ask. I am just so paranoid about my little baby.
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She probably had a few ear mites not very visible. They are microscopic until they multiply and then you can see them in the creases of the ear. I would try taking a qtip and a little baby oil and applying the oil to the ear including the visible creases. This is practical and kills the mites. If it persists after a week or so, I would call the vet. Cats love to scratch in their ears so a little bit of digging in the ear is a natural part of grooming as they clean out wax in the ear.
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Clean and then check for mite... it could also be an allergy to something
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Thank you for all the great advice....i will let you know what it turns out to be.
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