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Pics of my are Vixen & Phoenix

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First of all I will start out with Vixen. She is a real ham and a camera hog. Vixen is 2 years old she will be 3 on the 24th of April. She is from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. She made a trip across country with my husband and I in a big uhaul. We stayed a year in Toronto and then she made the big transatlantic flight here to Italy. She is a well travelled girl to say the least. Enough blabbing on with the pics.

Here is my beauty baby...VIXEN

Posing pretty for the camera on mamma's bed

Relaxing on the couch after a hard day.

doing what she does best...relaxing

I really like this picture. I just love the look of the rays of the sun.

My undercover lover

This is a old picture of her with her sister Lilith. Lilith was a very special girl. We lost her in september of 2005. She was only 18 months old. She was taken by feline leukemia. Vixen is also felv+ but is healthy and happy and doing well. (knock on wood...I don't want to jinx anything by saying that) We hope she will be with us for years to come yet.

I could put a ton more but I will stop with these for now.

Next post pics of Phoenix
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Vixen is a beautiful girl I'm very sorry to hear about Lilith's passing.
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This little diva is an italian baby. We rescued her through ENPA. She was physically abused and has some scarring on her face. She had major trust issues and didn't like to be touched at all. She is still a bit moddy at times but for the most part she is a good girl. You can pet her and even pick her up most of the time and Vixen and her play now as well. Not much hissing between them unless one is getting the better of the other.

On with Phoenix pics.

Miss Diva herself

Close up of her pretty eyes

Taking a nap in the guitar case

getting into mischief. This is her main occupation

and finally
hitching a ride down from being in the cupboard...where she wasn't suppose to be.

Hope you all enjoyed.
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Your girls are beautiful as always, Michelle!
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Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous pair of girls you have!

That one of them kissing is just like my Rosie and Sophie in my siggy
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aww what a couple of cutie-pies I love the one of Vixen reclining on the sofa it looks like she's using the remote with her back leg
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What gorgeous kitties u have there Such cuties, I cant wait to see more photos
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Thanks everyone so much. I will get cracking and find some of vixen's kitten photos. We got Vixen at 5 weeks old cause her mamma refused to feed her anymore. She was so full of spunk and so tiny. At the time we had a 120lb Akita Inu and little Vixen who was not even as big as his paw spit and him and slapped him in the nose the first time she say him. After a few hours she was chasing Shadow and fighting with his tail. She was always so nawtee. She is still nawtee but also a major lover. She demands cuddles and belly rubs several times a day and if you don't comply well you will need earplugs cause she starts a talking and doesn't stop.

I wish I had photos of Phoenix as a baby but we only got her 8 months ago so no luck there. Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments.
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Vixen is just gorgeous!
Thank you for rescuing beautiful Pheonix. She deserves to spend the rest of her life sleeping in the sunshine.
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Oh, she is SO lovely! I especially love the closeup of her face -- that soulful look speaks louder than any words and I am so grateful she has you to love and protect her -- may you receive many blessings for being so caring. I'm sure you know you already have -- Vixen and Phoenix, the two treasures!
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Wow, what gorgeous girls!!! Good on you for rescuing Phoenix and giving her the life she deserves It can be so hard for a cat to trust again once humans have done them wrong
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Just beautiful ladies!
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Those are precious photos especially the one of Vixen with Lilith

My deepest condolences to you all for your loss of your precious baby girl! I empathize all too well, having lost many, many loved ones in my life, including many felines, two small kittens....

You are wonderful for loving and caring for Vixen and Phoenix, and yes, may they light up your lives for many long years to come! There is truly no other love as pure and unconditional and true as that of a cat.... The photo of her in the sun rays is very beautiful! I wonder what one of the talented artists here could do with that photo in terms of a siggy...
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