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A new buddy?

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Hey all!

I am thinking of getting a buddy cat for Singa, but I am a bit scared I am making a wrong decision.

This maybe a long story fo you guys to read, but I hope some will take time and may be able to give me some advice! Thanks in advance!

When I made the decision to get a cat it was quite spontaneous. Actually I was reaaly majorly scared of cats before I got Singa. Reason is that I got bitten really bad by my neighbors cat when I was 11. She was a bit confused I have to say... her owners got a new kitty and K.C. left home and strayed around our house for a couple of days or weeks before the incident... I fed her and provided her a box with a blanket and all (I wasnt allowed to have pets in the house). She became attached to me and then, out of the blue, attacked my leg and bit me really bad. It gave me a shock for life and the bad impression of cats that they are fierce and unpredictable....

But being alone in a new country I thought it may be nice to have company and a cat is still pretty 'low maintenance' compared to dogs. So I told myself that if I get a kitten and I get used to her and she to me then all wil be fine and I will not have a cat-phopia. And it was true.

I must say, I am extremely lucky having Singa. I got her off the Singapore streets when she was roughly 2 months old. She is the sweetest thing ever! She is (fairly) obedient and quite smart. She has always used her litter box with the exception of peeing in the sink whcih I find wasn't all too bad - at least it was no rug. She never showed any aggression whatsoever. No swatting, no hissing or trying to bite (unless we play). So I am extremely comfi with her.

Now my dillema.... I love Singa and I feel bad leaving her alone when I go to work and when I close the door behind me to sleep. She doesn't get the attention she needs and I would be bored to death if I were her! However, She is turning 2 in June - and therefore I am not sure if she will feel 'replaced' if I get another cat.

And then the big question: Older, same age, or younger? Male or female?...

A young cat can be trained easily and I can get used to it, just like Singa - even if it is not as 'sweet' I may be ok (tho as you can see it worries me a bit still). However, will singa bully it?
A cat of her age or older? At least then they would be on the same level, right? And I am always touched by the many cats available for adoption, and the older they are, the more difficult it is to find a new home. I wouldn't mind an older cat. But how about all the habits it may have that I may not be ok with?

So what to do????

PS: I was checking out the site www.catwelfare.com and I especially connected to I-Pod and Zenith. I mean connected picure-wise

Any recommendations?? I would be most happy to hear about it!
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It's good to see that you are putting so much thought into getting a new kitty. It's a big decision.

We added to our furfamily for the same reason you are considering it. Our cat Reilly was 5 years old when we brought Sydney home. I was concerned that Reilly would bully her because he's usually very aggressive but he shocked us all when he turned into Mr. Mom and took care of her like she was his baby.

A younger cat than Singa might make it an easier transition and the sex of the cat really won't matter.

Wishing you the best of luck!!
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Its really great that you have questions before jumping in It will make things a lot easier for you and Singa in the long run. I agree with Miss Mew, a younger kitten, whilst can be full of beans will be an easier transition for Singa.

The important thing is when you 1st get your new kit, is the introduction process. You will need to keep them seperate to start of with and when you are not there, as obviously you cannot supervise them
Keep kitty in a room with its own food, water, lit-box and toys. Put one of your old t-shirts or towel as a bed in with the new kit, so it can used to your scent.

Slowly introduce them to each other over a period of time. You will know when you can let them be together more and more, as you will see how they react over the time.

Well I hope that helps for the moment...........

Theres lots more information in the Cat Care Forum and if you have more questions, well this is the place

Keep us posted !
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When I choose a new kitty, will I bring Singa along?
Or should I just see which ne I like best and then see if it clicks with Singa...?

What would you look for when choosing a new buddy?

Oh... and how much younger can the new kitty be? Singa can be a bit rough at times and I don't want the new little bubble-kitty to be hurt...they are so fragile....
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I have contacted the catwelfare.org group and they have provided me the contact to one of the owners of a very small kitten. She is only 5 weeks old!

Such a cutie.. will take a look this weekend.

I think singa will be social, although she has been my only cat since I got her. I know that Singa gets along with her sister (my boss's cat that I look after when he is on vacation) and the two playfight a lot when they are together. Today I was playing with Singa and she started biting (playfully as usual), but I noticed that it may be a bit rough on the little kitten, when it is still that young.
Do I have to be concerned about this? Or will they naturally know where their borders are?
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I think it's a great idea for you to get a kitten!!
Oliver was 3 when I got Stella (who was only 6 weeks). I kept them separate for about a week and just let them be together when I could supervise. I realized that Oliver would not hurt her at all..... He was very gentle. And those little kitties are tougher than we think!
That one is a cutie! Good Luck and let us know how it goes!
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Originally Posted by x-ta-Z View Post

Such a cutie.. will take a look this weekend.
oh yes what a cutie-pie is this the one you finally decided to have ?
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still trying to upload the pictures I took just now... but she's a lil rascal... always biting into everything she gets her mouth too... hehe
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