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My Baby Lone

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These were all taken within the the last three years.. the first three were last year, I don't have any kitten photos available on pc as yet, they need to be scanned first... I rescued her when she was two weeks old and have some photos from then but only in hardcopy... 8) she could fit into a one handed palm very very easily back then.. she's my darling, my baby, the love of my life (Lucky my partner doesn't read this lol)

mmm IKEA goood

IKEA still goood

Again one thumbs up for IKEA (who says it's all for hoomans anyways?)

I love sinks and tubs


I just woke her up...

Baby in a box!

I'm gaming! Don't Interrupt!

Yep.. where's my beer?

Beer finished!

Hiding! Can't see me!

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what a sweet furbaby! thanks for sharing the pictures with us
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hehe gaming kitty!!!! nice pics
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I love them!! Lone has great taste in IKEA kitty furniture
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great set of photos she is such a sweetie
I love the Ikea tunnel with its great big ears !
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Aww, she looks like my boy Wiggies
what a cutie. I like the "beer" one - nothing but class!
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Lone is adorable! he looks like a cat named Elf we had at the shelter where I volunteer that got adopted to a great home.
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Lone is a cutie-patootie!! love the captions
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What a cutie! I am a sucker for gray kitters!
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Lone is adorable
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hehe, yeah, she's my baby, even if she was between the ages of 14 and 16 in those photos
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Isn't she a little cherub!!
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Awww! Lone!!!

She looks like a larger fluffy and cute!
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she's either very happy, or she farted...

hmm... box...

Can u turn the shower on please?

Please? Like.. now?

Still waiting!...

Ewww... brush your teeth woman! (not her mommy mind you..)

Leave me alone, or I'll growl and err.. growl more... (post tests etc taken on09/02/07)

OMG! I don't wanna look at what you're playing with!!

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