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Chances of Spraying ?

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Hello Everyone!

I have been reading a lot of posts lately and I am getting very nervous about spraying in the house. I have put a deposit down on a male siberian cat that is coming from a breeder. The cats name is Yogi and he is three years old. I have a few friends that have never experienced spraying but recently have also met some people that are going through this problem. What are the chances that my three year old adopted male cat will start spraying in the house? Yogi is used to dogs in his house so I don't feel this will be a problem because we also have 2 golden retrievers. If you guys and girls could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
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At first keep him in a room separate with litter and food/water. Intro to dogs should be slowly as well as new home.
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You didn't say if he was neutered or not, and that's what makes the difference - if he's not neutered, he'll spray, if he is, it's highly unlikely, but no one can give you a guarantee, though I'd talk to the breeder about it. If you had other cats in the house, it might be a different story, but even then, if he's 'fixed', it's almost certain that you won't have a problem.
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Oh I'm sorry I forgot to put that he will be spayed the day we pick him up from the breeders house. We have no other cats in the house either.
Thank you to both of you for your responses. Anyone else have an opinion?
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So he was a breeding cat? I would say you may have a few more problems with him because of that. BUT every cat is different. he may have never sprayed because he didn't feel he had to. I am not the best person to answer this though. just thought I would tell you what I think. and congrats on the new kittie!!!!
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Is he gonna be recently neutered before you get him or do you plan on neutering him as soon as possible?

If he's been recently neutered, keep him in a room that is easily cleaned for a few weeks. If he's been a sprayer as a whole male, it could take a little time to get it out of his system.

Usually they quit in a short time after neutering. It takes about 30 days to be totally free of all sperm after neutering, so keep him away from any unspayed females!
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