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Help! Incorrigible sprayer

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Frank is my 9-1/2 year old neutered cat. He was neutered at 4-1/2 months. After I moved into my house 5 years ago, I discovered that he was inappropriately eliminating (peeing) on towels or clothes that were left on the floor. Fine, I became less messy. But a few years ago, he started to spray. He's been checked numerous times for urinary tract problems. And we have medicated the heck out of him. We've tried the following: elavil, buspar, valium, clomicalm, clomicalm + valium and now, in a last desperate try, ovaban (which I know is absolutely foul stuff - but my vet knows what he is doing - it is short term use only and we are regularly monitoring his sugar). Nothing has worked. Frank is an extremely hyper cat. He is very aggressive toward my female cat (they've lived together since he was 10 weeks and she was 8 weeks old). He mounts and humps my other male cat. He paces the house meowing or chirping. He desperately wants to be outside but my neighbors let their cats roam and Frank is very aggressive with other cats. Plus, I live in a fairly high traffic area. I am at the end of my rope. I adore Frank and do not know what to do. (We have an appointment with the behavioralist in a few days- we saw him a few years ago about the same problems, but he really only focused on the aggression toward my female). I would welcome any thoughts from people who have successfully dealt with this problem.
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Welcome to The Cat Site!

If you go to this thread and scroll about half-way down, your will find some excellent strategies for reducing spraying.

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Hi Frank's mom
I was wondering if any of your neighbors cats are spraying near your house where Frank could pick up their scent.
This may very well be a cause for him to continue spraying, he may be simply trying to mark his territory and feels a threat from their scent.
Best of luck
Tish +
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