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Dry Flaky Skin

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My 2 kitties have dry flaky skin & it's on their fur. What can I do? The heat in our new home is forced air & so dry! The more I brush them the worse it gets. They are scratching so I guess it's not bothering them but it is really bad. Any suggestions?
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What are you feeding ...?? wet dry both ??? ages?? last vet check???
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Jinxy is a 5yr old spayed female & Teddy is a neutered 3 yr old male. They get dry & wet food every day. They were both last at the vet for a check up about 6 months ago.
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What brands of wet and dry ???
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You can get an oatmeal spray to put on their coat. I'd also look at their diet to see if it can be improved.
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You cat is lacking high quality protein and fats or the intestinal health of the kitten has been compromised. What are you feeding your kitten? Look for canned whole meat with natural protein and fat souces and NO by-products, flours, glutens.
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I feed all my cats raw hamburger three times a week, human tuna, and wet food and dry (Iams or Nutro or Authority). Three of my cats still have dandruff problems. Any suggestions? I don't think it's always a matter of poor diet, because I believe my cats get a fairly decent diet, at least not one that should cause coat problems.

Would supplementing with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids help? Our vet suggested this, but I have my doubts. I'm just wondering if they need the equivalent of lotion or a humidifier in the house.
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Salmon Oil it help a bunch or cod liver oil if u get the right dose
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The omega 3 in fish oil can help a lot with dry skin. I wouldn't supplement the omega 6, though. Commercial foods usually have enough of that, unless its a very low fat or low quality food.
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Yeah, I would tend to ask which foods you're feeding too. There is protein, and then there is high quality sources of protein. Wild salmon oil works well for coat quality.
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