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Dieting isn't working

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Recently I tried to put my 1 year old spayed tabby that needs to be on a diet. I stopped leaving a full dish of food and always refilling it whenever it's low. Over the last week I have lowered the amount of food, and if she ate it that was it until the next day. And strangly she has been moving her water dish about a foot away from her food. I notice her ceramic waterdish had a crack so I replace with two other dishes but she is still spilling it and moving the dish. HELP.

I don't know if she's had a bad week but she's got a real bad attitude. Today has been the worse, won't let us pick her up and has his terrible low grown, sometimes hissing, and moews like she's pissed off. This is very abnormal for her.

What do I do? What is the average weight for a 1 yr old tabby? HELP
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Weight loss really should be scheduled by a vet. There is a certain amount they should be decreased by. It should never be very fast. All cats are different so I cant say what your kitty should weigh. If she is a small frame, 12lbs is about the average and large framed cats can go to about 14 or 15. The vet should be able to tell you the ideal weight and come up with a very good plan if needed. Also, the growling and such could be due to a medical problem, or the whole switch was too soon and too fast. My best advice to you would be to make an appt and work with the vet.
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