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My cat Van Gogh and I are very new to TCS and are very pleased to be here. I was wondering if anyone would have some input on a strange new behavior that we have noticed in our kitty. We have only had her about a year and a half, and we don't know how old she is (judging by her behavior, she's still young). She's never been super fond of dogs but has tolerated them and has at times been known to get along pretty well with our dachsund. Lately (the last couple weeks) she throws surprise attacks on him while he's sleeping or paying the least amount of attention to her possible. She is declawed so she bites him really hard, to the point that he yelps quite loud (maybe he's just being a baby). She does it in this real rebellious mean way, but then hides from him like she expects nothing in return. Maybe it's just a game, or maybe she's showing she's the boss, but I've never noticed her doing this before. Just thought someone might have some input. Thanks so kindly!
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Some kitties like to take advantage of situations when they know they can get the upper hand. Sounds like she just can't "let a sleeping dog lie"
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Oh dear - Your poor puppy!

I think she is most likely just playing games with him, now she it a bit more confident around the house.

Just watch whats going on, and try to stop her from doing it if you can with a firm No.

But I'd say its just a game to her, and the dog will most likely let her know when enoughs enough
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My Monique who came to me as a declaw about a year and a half ago is plain ol' mean to pretty much every other cat in the house.
She will growl and swat the dickens out of anyone of the cats she feels she can intimidate. Magic, she usually tries to avoid because he will turn around and go after her.

I've taken to putting her in the playpen for time-outs sometimes when I find her behavior too consistently mean. I don't think she will ever totally calm down, but a time-out now and then does seem to settle her for a bit.

I rather think that her behavior problems are related to her declaw, but whatever the reason, she remains my Monique the witch that has a forever place in this home, whatever her temperament.
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Haha! That is her paybacks for Rambo jumping on her!! JK!! But it really could be an agression caused by declawing as it does sometimes cause behavioral issues. And rambo is tough. He can take it!
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