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Strange mound in yard

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I found the oddest thing in my backyard yesterday.
The city has mostly cleared a small patch of woods behind my house. I noticed something yellow back there, ans when I went back to check it out, I found a mound about 4-5 feet long, and acout 3 feet across, covered with daffodills. This is in a place that used to be in the woods. It looks like a grave. It was obviously placed there, and the daffodills planted on it, because they do not grow wild. It kinda creeped me out, but I am not going to disturb it, and I am not going to let anyone else disaturb it. I think I will just keep it to myself except for telling y'all about it.
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That's pretty interesting. Is there anyway you can look in the citys public records to find out if someone was indeed buried there? Maybe someone buried a pet there?
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That is indeed a little weird..let us know if you find out anything
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I would call the city just to investigate it a bit. Maybe you will see somone coming by to pay respects you could ask them... it kind of sounds like a pet grave if there is no marker.
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from the size, it's probably a pet grave, not a human one.

Still is kind of creepy.
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I would bring it to the attention of just never know.
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Yes, I think I'd call the authorities and ask them what they thought!
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Let us know what you find out!
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Today seems to be a day of creepiness! First Reeses and now you!

I would be wondering whats in there - hopefully it is just a pet grave but you never know!
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A housemate of mine once tried to plant a garden, so he dug two garden beds and planted some things. It looked just like two cemetary plots! It does sound like this is a grave, though, but I kind of doubt it's foul play, not with a bunch of bright yellow daffodils planted on top.

Cheers, from
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hmmm that is slightly weird eh? If you don't think that there's a need to say anything, then there probably isn't.
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Yeah, I would just let it be too. The city might want to come and dig it up, and it does sound like it's just a pet grave. Someone obviously cared enough to plant the daffodils.
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Hmm! That is weird. But I agree it sounds like a pet grave.
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I wouldn't notify anybody.We have an orchard off the beaten track, and my husband discovered what looked like a fresh grave on it. The police came out and disinterred a dog. Some poor soul probably didn't have a yard, or used to walk his/her dog up there (our last dog and three cats are also buried there).
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That's a tough call. I think I would at least report it to someone - with all the missing persons who knows - it could be somebody who's been missing. And who's to say that some murdering weirdo wouldn't put flowers on a grave. Some of them are just crazy enough to do something like that.
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I wonder if they are from a past garden from a house that may had been there before.

Or else the city planted them there last year and that's why they cleared things around it!
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Yes, I think I'd call the authorities and ask them what they thought!
Me too Colleen. I'd have to know who/what it was!
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