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Sam's new house

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So on Friday I bought Sam a cat "townhouse", lovely carpet upholstery throughout, two storeys, with an inside access to the second "floor", and an opening from the second level to a little porch, and a platform on top. It's about 4 feet high, I guess. The clerk at the pet store told me that if he didn't take to it right away, put cat nip on it etc. etc.

No problems: I had the thing in the front door, and was resting it on the bottom step ready to lug it up to my second floor apartment, and Sam went inside - a cat townhouse with a cat inside is pretty heavy to carry!

Now, just two days later, he's sleeping on the top platform.

I'll take pictures to post tomorrow.

I love me cat because he loves the toys I buy for him.
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Bet that was heavy to lug up all those stairs with the cat in it! The things we go through for our cats! :laughing: Post a pic soon!
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Oh Sammie5, you are such a wonderful mummy to your furbaby. Dare I ask how much it was? (Just trying to find out how spoilt Sam REALLY is)
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Well, it was $150. (Canadian dollars, which is about $100 US). The model I didn't buy was twice that, but I suspect the real reason we don't own that one is it wouldn't fit in the car.

And I'm not the only one spoiling him. My mother knitted me an afghan - which Sam really likes. I told her that we have battles about is, so she made one for Sam. He loves his new hand knitted kitty afghan. l
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That is too funny! Sounds like something Trent would do, except that he is usually scared of anything big we bring in the front door at least for a while. We bought a huge bag of packing popcorn that was a good 5 feet tall...Trent ran from it and wouldn't even come near it when it was just sitting there. LOL

It sounds like Sam has a great new townhome! Can't wait to see pics of it. We had the same problem of fitting a kitty tree into the car. I wish we could get another one, bigger of course, but we would have to rent a truck to bring it home!

I love it that your mom knitted Sam his own blanket! Now that's an understanding mom.
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Grandma is pretty fond of her grand cat. He is a friendly cat, and jumped up on her lap and purred when they met, so he gets big grandma points.

She knitted his afghan, and complained (in jest, I hope) told her friends - "look what I have to do now - knit for a cat!"

Of course this is the same woman who knitted a turtleneck sweater for our dachshund, so I don't take her complaining too seriously.
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Be sure to post pictures...... I'm a sucker for cat photos!
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