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Drontal side effects

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I gave my 13 week old kitten drontal at 9 30 am now at 5pm he had a loose bowl movement,this is the 1st loose one he has had up until giving the DRONTAL they were normal he also is on ALBON , ate well today.can the loose bowl movement be from the DRONTAL? He is also on ALBON for cocccidia !The vet was supposed to also give him the Drontal Friday when stool test showed Coccidia and tape worm but a mistake was made and sent me home without prescribing the DRONTAL after some research online i realized that ALBON wasnt for the tapeworm, i called this morning and the assisant vet told me I should have also had the DRONTAL so I went over and picked it up .
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Yes, loose stools after worming is completely normal as is passing the dead worms.
Since your kitten is getting an antibiotic and a deworming you may want to consider giving him an probiotic. This will help keep the balance of good bacteria in his intestine and can help prevent future problems with loose stools. You can get a seperate probiotic or many high quality foods include it.
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what is a probiotic,not familiar, i boiled some chiken and rice for him, my mom suggested this.
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Probiotics cantain good bacteria that are found in the digestive tract. If you've ever had to take strong antibiotics or take a long course of antibiotics and had a doctor suggest that you eat yogurt it's because it contains a natural probiotic. Antibiotics sometimes kill off good bacteria as well as bad, which results in loose stools, in people and animals.

Since I feed a food that already has probiotics added, I don't know any names of some that you could supplement you kitten with. However I'm sure sharky or one of the other members experienced with using them will come along later and add some suggestions. You could give your kitten a small spoon of plain yogurt with their food once a day.
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