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my job

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Well, I didn't realize it til I looked at one my timecard that I filled out, but I have been at my job for about a month & a half now! My start date with the temp agency for the place that I am working for, was August 16th! I am hoping they will hire me as a full-time employee. I really like the job, so far, and the superintendants of the new homes who call in can be a riot sometimes.
Let's see............Hubby & I were talking about moving again, and we were now thinking of just staying here in AZ since it would be too hard to find a job right now, and since mortgage rates have dropped & now is the time to buy, we were thinking of just buying a new house instead.

So far, we have paid off 2 bills!
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Oh Tigger, I'm so glad that you like your job and it is going so well!! Your start date is the same as Amber's birthday!!! Woohoo! I hope things work out alright if you decide to move...buying a house would probably be better than renting in the long run! Keep us posted!
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Oh, the renting part was if we were going to move out of state. Since we are staying here, we will buy a new house built from scratch We just havent decided if we want to keep our house that we have now or look at new ones. I doubt we could get qualified for the ones that we would want, especially with my income. We tried to re-finance with our current mortgage company, and they turned us down, even after I let the loan office that we had paid off 2 bills!

So, how is Amber doing!?
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She's doing great! Sleeping right now!
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Great news Tigger, it makes life so much easier when we like our job. I hope it continues to go well for you and you get to be full time very soon.
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Great to hear that you like your job! If they still have you there as a temp after that long, chances are pretty good they will keep you. After all, why hire someone new when you are already trained and know the procedures and people? And that's great you have paid off 2 bills. It is so hard to pay those things down.
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Great news about your job Tigger...it's nice to enjoy your job. Great stuff about the bills too! Like Heidi said, it is sooo hard to pay down bills...but once they are gone...they are gone forever!!! Keep up the good work
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Congrats Tigger!!!

I know how you feel, October 1st will be 5 years with this company...

Wow... how time flies when you have a job you enjoy!

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I'm jealous Tigger. I hope someday I find that great job too!
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