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What great photos you took! I am so ready for spring! Now I have a little "barn" behind my house - we just call them storage sheds, even though I have windows with curtains, and a wreath on the door. The curtains hide all my junk that I haven't sorted through yet! There are alot of "shed" companies up here and I just love going out to "shed hunt" They are really getting so creative with them. I love the front porches. Last summer I saw one that had a little balcony inside. That was probably more for a childs playhouse. Unfortunately, I can't think of one good reqason why I need a new shed...
Well, I call them barns, but yes, they're called sheds too. I told Jerry if we could afford to buy a shed/barn like some of those, I'd want to decorate it - inside and out and no tools or anything of that nature would be allowed in it!