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the PERFECT gift for gemlady Jan!

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and all the chocaholics here as well!

Jewelry that LOOKS like chocolate!
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That is some yummy looking jewelry!!
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Too cool! Very real like!
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It really looks like real chocolate
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Almost too real.

*Note to self. Show to friend who makes beads...*
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Almost too real.
I thought you might like those...
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Yummy looking!! Too bad they aren't real!!
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I hope no one ever gives that to me... I'd be so disappointed to find out they're not real.

Who needs jewelry when you can have chocolate?
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Woo hoo - perfect jewellery for Jan!
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I looked at the picture before I read the caption, and thought what yummy looking chocolates!!! I was disappointed that it is only jewelry!!!! LOL
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those are cute. I would be tempted to eat them even though it's
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Yes, but you could probably eat it!
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That looks so yummy!
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mmmmmmmmm.......fake chocolate
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Oh my gosh thoes are fantastic! I'd be craving chocolate all the time wearing thoes!
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I'd break a tooth!
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