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Little Buddy

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Pictures throughout the years of Little Buddy. I got a ton more of them but they were taken with a regular camera and I have to scan them sometime to digitize them.

Young Buddy when we were living in an apartment in New Jersey...

Out on the deck, taking in some sun, at the apartment in New Jersey....

Buddy liked watching hockey ...

Buddy liked it when we moved to the Poconos of Pennsylvania...

He didn't even mind the snow that much...

He got to see some other wildlife but I think he was looking for a place to soak up some sun here ...

The Great Escape!!! This was just a few days after I got Shomie and Little Buddy was still trying to figure out what was going on!

Well, that's it for now!
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He sure is a handsome little dude...
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oh they are some great photos Buddy looks like he has the life of a King..........of why not and Shomie is a cutie too love those ears
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Mark, he is so gorgeous, he blends right in with the snow
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Good pics, Mark! Buddy's such a handsome dude.

Guess Shomie didn't chase Buddy as much when she was small? She was all over the place last year when we were up...
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Buddy is just so g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!!!
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Buddy reminds me of my kitty I had back in the late 70's, early 80's. His name was Cocaine, and he looked almost exactly like Buddy.

Beautiful cat.
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Buddy is one gorgeous boy!! Very nice place you have there too.
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Little Buddy is a beautiful cat and I would just love to be able to pet him. He looks like one of my cats that I used to have. He is gone now but I still miss him. Thank you Mark for putting his pictures up. The puppy is a sweet looking puppy too.
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buddy is a handsome fellow. Good to see a cat living the life! Looks like he's got lots to entertain him there in Penn.
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what cuties, buddy is such a cutie pie and so is Shomie such cuties
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