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Hi! I'm a new member

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Sandi and I found out about this site from Debby awhile back, but never seemed to have the time to get around to visiting. Recently, however, we have had a feral cat (4-5 months old, I believe) living behind our garage in my husbands fishing boat (which is upside down). So, I naturally emailed Debby and she brought my dilemma here to the forums.

I wanted to say "hello" and I look forward to getting to know all of you. I have had a cat (or two) since I moved out of my parents home - oh, boy, Way Back When - and I know I always will have a cat or two, or three in my home.

We presently have a 17 year old shorthair domestic cat (was a stray we got when she was around 5 1/2 months old), a 10 year old black lab, an african pygmy hedgehog and several fish. Hopefully, we'll be adding that earlier cat I mentioned to our fold.

I enjoy drawing, rubber stamping, counted cross stitch, and reading.

Thanks for allowing me to join you!

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Sandi, I'm so glad you have joined!!!! You will love it here! This is the best place to get all your kitty questions answered and the people here are fantastic! (It is easy to become addicted! ) Be sure to check out the lounge where we talk about all kinds of things besides (and including) cats. Glad you joined us!
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Hi Sandy and a BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!! I know you will love it here just as much as I do!!! :tounge2:
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Hi, Sandi! It's great to have you with us. Well, it looks as if you have a new family member. I hope you catch her soon, or you might have a few little ones you didn't expect! It sounds as if you have quite a family of pets now. We'll enjoy hearing about all of them. We like pictures, too.
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Thanks for the warm reception!!! I know I'll love it here - just like the rest of you. Of course, I will keep you all posted on the stray situation.

So far, I have checked out the "Figure out a Caption" for the photo section. That is great!!! What a fabulous idea. I know there's much more for me to catch up on - so I'll be busy perusing the site on a regular basis - or as much as I possibly can.

Thanks again to all of you for welcoming me with open arms! You're the greatest.

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Hey Sandi, do you still go to the chins/quills forums? Is Kalandra still there? She was laways so helpful to me! I really enjoyed it there, and feel guilty for not ever going, but I found this site and became addicted and it takes all my time online! I really should pop back in there to say Hi sometime, but not many people would remember me, it was two years ago that I went there. I still have Spike, he is doing great! I thought about getting another one after Penelope died, but they are rather expensive, and now with the baby I really can't afford it right now. I hope he isn't getting lonely, but I do try to get him out and talk to him and cuddle with him as much as I can.
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Welcome to the Site! I'm glad Debby invited you here. You will get tons of great advice about your *future* addition to your household. I look forward to getting to know you and all of your furry (and finny) family!
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