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Puppy Bowl 2007!!!

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Awww the puppy bowl is on now on Animal Planet!! Hours and hours of watching these little darlings run around and play. Just plain cute!!!
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and I do sometimes watch the Puppy Bowl but esp. enjoy the kitty half-time show. They are all so cute. I am a big fan of The Meercat Manor, waiting for the new season to start. They are the sweetest little buggers
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That little black mouth pup is a serious bully
and the Samoyeds are trying to gang up on a few.

I love puppies playing, always so cute.
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Aw dang, I don't have Animal Planet!!
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they all are sooo cute!! I remember last year they said some of the pups were for adoption at the puppy bowl.
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They brought out a Pharoah hound puppy and a couple of Labs.
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That little begale mix is too cute!!!
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Woot kitty half time show up next!
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that should be cute. you know, I am not much on english bulldogs but that english bulldog pup is cute!
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yay bring out the kittens!!! Too cute!! They have a little black kitten!!! Yay!!!!
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Those calicos are TOO cute!
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Oh I just love the orange kitty and the calico and the grey and white one!!! Oh forget it just give me all of them!
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Man, those are some cool toys! They need to tell what they are and where to get them!
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OMG look at the little tabby with the socks!
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Those two calicos are definitely showing their tortitude!
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Aw - I tried to find it but we don't get it! Rats!
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Kitty Half Time was just too cute! I was SO in love with the little black kitty. The calicos were definitely showing their cattitude!

Poor kitties looked so confused at the finale. They all just kind of STOPPED in their tracks when the confetti started falling!
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Aww I missed the kitty halftime! The puppies are such a hoot, I watch this every year.
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i seen the begining of the post and i tuned it during kittie half time they were all sooooo cute
post #21 of 21 I don't have cable.

*goes off to sulk*
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