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went to petco and I have a question...

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I went to Petco to get some toys for the gang, and for some reason decided to stop & look at the birds & small animals. The mice are cute. I saw some naked looking mice or rats. 2 were sleeping, but one was kind of sleeping, but it looked like he was trembling, like he was cold. Who knows, maybe he was chewing on his toes or something. I've never owned rats/mice. So, I was concerned & asked the cashier if there was something wrong with it, and she said no, as if she could care less She said a vet comes in every 2weeks & looks at the animals.
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maybe it was a baby? I know they are born without fur.
I'd have taken it up with the mgr. I am very outspoken you know...
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No, it wasn't a baby. Thesew were bigger rats. They were kinda cute, even though I don't think I could keep one. Well, maybe if we didn't have cats, lol. I think tomorrow I may call and ask for the manager just to double check.
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Definatetly ask the manager about the mice. Someone has to care right?
If there is something wrong with them maybe you will be the one to call attention to the problem. If there is no problem, the manager should be an animal lover that will understand your concern.
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Tigger, those are hairless rats you saw. A friend of mine had two of them and I agreed to watch them for her when she went on vacation a year or so ago. I always thought they were kinda ugly, (I like the rats with hair) but after watching hers, I got kinda attached to them and decided they were cute after all! But as far as the one that was trembling...that doesn't sound normal. (and I doubt he was chewing on his toes :laughing: ) He may have just been cold, poor little guy, but he could have been sick. I hope they are taking good care of these guys.
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They kind of have cute little faces, don't they! I'd get one, but can't because we have no where to house them. What do you put them in? A fish tank with some of that newspaper stuff, some food, water & toys? Or do you put them in wire cages?
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I used 10 gallon tanks for all my rats. ( I never had more than 2 per cage) and you don't use newspaper, it isn't absorbant, use cedar or pine chips for bedding, and a food dish and water bottle that attaches to the side. You would need a screened lid for the fish tank, and just sit a big rock or something on it so the rats can't get out and the cats can't get in. I used Sterlite containers for many of my small critters, but it doesn't work too well for rats because of their teeth, they can chew through the lids. You can purchase actual "critter" aquariums, I'm sure they have them at Petco, that are just 10 gallon tanks but have special screened lids that attach to the cage with pegs in slots so they can't get out, and then you don't have to sit anything on top of them.
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One more thing....rats make great pets!!! I have been bitten by many a hamster, but never by a rat! If they are tame when you buy them, or young enough to get used to you, they make excellent pets! Very sweet natured.
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You go girl!!

PS are rats and mice incontinent? Like, do they wee on you? I would love a mouse or rat as a pet. My furbabies have brought a baby rat in once or twice and they're cute! And smart too.
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The only reason it would ever pee on you is if it was scared...I have never had this happen, though.
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