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Well, my g/f adopted a new kitten for us.

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She's a sweetie. And she's so affectionate. She'll stick her little head up and lick me on the nose. She's got a great apetite too. She's got a very scratchy/deep meow. Sounds like a an old lady who's been smoking for 50 years. She's healthy and is up to date on her shots. I think she's going to be a big girl when she grows up because her feet are huge. I've never seen an animal this affectionate. Abby likes her a lot too. They seem to be getting along really well although Abby can play a little too rough sometimes. She's getting better though. I realy think this new kitten was meant to be ours. In many ways she reminds me of Seven. Here are some pics:

We have no idea what to name her yet.
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Ahhhhhh Jase Mate she is just beautiful......She looks a real jem. Im so glad you found a new furbabie to love and share with us all. She looks soooooo cuddly too. I love the pictures and it's good to see them getting on so well. YAY!!!

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Awwwwwww! She's so pretty!
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With those big feet, I'd name her "Sasquatch".
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Oh Jason, she is such a sweetie. I love that tabby leg!! Thankyou for sharing the pics with us.

May she keep filling your life with love and joy.
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She is a beauty! If she is going to be big I would name her Amazon!
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WOW she is really pretty! You are so lucky to have such pretty kitties! I like both of them! It is so cute when they sleep together. Don't you think?
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Jason...she is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pics and KUDOS to your G/F for bringing the baby home!

Name? Hmmm...I am going to look past the big feet thing (since everyone always make fun of my miniature feet (size 5?!?)...and go with something that fits the kitty and her personality...Snuggles.

Post more pics when you can! She is soooo sweet!
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She is a gorgeous little thing! She does have big kitty paws - more to nibble on. :laughing: I'm glad she and Abby are getting along so well.

Names, well to me she looks like a bit of a warrior princess, so I would call her Athena. (And Abby and Athena sounds pretty good together. )
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Thanks everyone! She'll have a name soon. I hope.
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Very Beautiful.... she looks like a "Molly" so me!
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How about Cleopatra?
she is a cutie!
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She is sooo adorable! I just love that one orange leg!
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How about Vegemite for a name?
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Tania, you are just bound and determined to get someone to name their kitty Vegemite, aren't you? LOL
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Your kittens are soooo cute together and it looks like they are already on the way to becoming the best of friends.

Your new kitten looks very sweet and hugable, how about Cuddles for a name?
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We're still in debate over a name. We just can't agree on anything. Gonna hold out till this weekend and if there's no definate by Sunday night then it's going to be the next suggestion that comes out of Sharees mouth (as long as I like it :disturbed )
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She's a doll! I love her orange leg, too. How about Patches as a name?
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