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Help! Mama Cat Stole Kittens with Distemper

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Hi there-
My fiancee has six, four-week-old kittens at his house that the neighborhood stray they have cared for for years delivered. We took them from the shed they were hiding in and took them to the vet, for they were obviously sick- eyes matted shut, and abdominal discomfort. The vet diagnosed them with distemper and gave them amoxicillian drops. We have been caring for them, giving them medicine three times a day and cleaning their eyes, and have gotten very attached to them. They were, until last night, in a screened in porch, and we let the mother come in and feed them, although they eat wet food and even kitten chow on their own, and are basically weened already. The mother broke through the screen last night and stole three of the kittens, and early this morning she stole another and we know where the four are hiding. We have two in the house now that are our favorites. The kittens will not be allowed inside...and the mama can get into the porch. What should we do with them? If the mama keeps them, they will die, but if we put them in the porch again, she can move them again and we may not find them this time. Also, the hiding place she has them in is not easily accessible, and so we can't give them medicine there three times a day, as we are in school full time and work as well. Sorry this is so long, but I don't want the kitties to die! They are so precious- all black and white. Thanks for help. -Sixkitties
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Momma kitties will move their youngsters sometimes if they are not comfortable with the spot they are in. If you are wanting to trap the babes, try going to the spot where the babies are and play with them -tease them with a string toy, or something like that. I think the only way to make sure that they get their needed treatent is to confine them. (momma included?)

There will be some responses from others more knowledgable than I - so hang it here - help will be on the way!!
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You could get a trap from the Humane Society and trap them all, eventually. You're right to isolate them from Mother until she has been treated also. I hope you will then take her to a no-kill shelter which will treat and spay her. There is a list of no-kill shelters in SOS that is comprehensive. Please let us know how this works out.
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