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Third Eye

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Hi Everyone,
I have heard lots of times about the third eye. And read its description. I can't ever seem to understand what it is or where it is located. Does it look like the cats eyelid is turned inside out? Does it happen with a discahrge? Is some discharge from a cat's eye normal?
Please help. I am confused.
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Do you mean the third eyelid? If so, it is located at the inside corner of the cat's eyes when the eyes are open. The third eyelid (also know as nictating membrane) goes across the eye from side to side horizontally. It can not usually be seen because in a healthy cat it mostly does not appear when the eyes are opened. Sometimes with a half-asleep or very relaxed cat it will come partway across. It is usually pale pink or white with sometimes a darker outer rim.
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Looks like this.

Usually a sign that the cat is sick if it is always showing.
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Is it ever normal fo rhte third eye to show all the time? My boy seems to have it but he is healthy and loving. But that little white part is always there. He eats well, plays alot, and like most kitties sleeps. He purrs when he is on a lap. Loves to get snacks. I checked him and he is not dehydrated. So is his 3rd eye thing a weird but normal thing for him? Thanks a lot.
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