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I finally took some more pictures of Lexi. She was being playful at the time...

Being goofy...

She is a sweetie though...an angel with horns that holds up her halo
The vet thinks she's 2-3 years old. Was very friendly, but neglected. Skinny as a rail. I got tired of seeing her suffer and starving. So I took her to shelter to get her checked out. Adopted her and took her to vet before bringing her home. Fixed up her ears, except for old hematoma, and had tiny little cactus spines removed from her oozing neck. Made me so mad that someone could have not taken care of that! She is such a sweetie and she deserved better. Never had any tags or collar and never could tell where she came from. Now she is spoiled rotten and has a very loving home. Just wanted to show her off!
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Oopsss...forgot to resize pics! Can someone tell me how?
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Oh she's lovely.
I have a soft spot for torties and calicos.

I think the crumpled ear makes her even cuter as does her little orange mustache and goatee

You can resize them in photobucket by clicking edit above the thumbnail.
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She is sooo cute, I love the picture with her head upside down! great signature too!
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That's what I thought. It gives her personality!
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Thanks! Compliments to Stormy on signature. What size do they need to be?
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Wow- look at those beautiful eyes!! She's gorgeous!
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I got it to resize in photobucket, but when I post it, it's still huge. What am I doing wrong? It looks smaller in photobucket, but not posting the smaller size here.
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Probably because the large sized one is still in your cache (and ours).
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