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Originally Posted by livedeeply View Post
Good news!

Feeding kitty the last few times has been ...well, like herding cats. But tonight I wrapped her up and got the syringe, and she yeowled a couple of times just for effect, I think, but then didn't struggle like she has been. She got more of it down than usual. Maybe she's starting to understand? Starting to get hungry, even? Please, God!

Yes, it sounds like she is starting to understand and get an appetite back. You're doing a great job! Does she attempt to eat out of a bowl on her own yet?
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How is your kitty doing? Even though it's only been a day or 2 since we got an update, it feels like forever!
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I know for sure my first cat had to be pts(vet said he was dying as everything was failing but now i am wondering about teddy-I called and said hes all yellow and much more serious(then just a sick cat exam/bloodwork) ok guys now I know i won't sleep. only thing I am thinking now tho is either way he went into the not eating, liver cause he blocked from eating a bag...which would be treatable but not in my range.

I am glad you cat seems so perky!!!
Does she have to go for a check up or as long as she improves alls good?
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I haven't updated because things haven't changed much. She's still alive... I'm still feeding her... I still can't tell if she's getting better or not. :/ Since she'll either get better or die, I'm afraid to speculate.

If we do take her back to the vet, it will have to be after we have some money, so... that'll be if she lives. Hopefully, then, we can find out what's causing all of this.

I called the vet the other day to ask about the meds mentioned here, and see if we could get some kind of discount for them not picking up on this when we first took her to the vet in DECEMBER for vomiting and not eating. He said he didn't think it was related. Right! I swear, I want to strangle them right about now. They could have at least mentioned feline anorexia and syringe feeding as an option, before it got this bad!

Thanks for wondering, guys!
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I hope your kitty gets well soon...What were her signs of being sick? my kittygirl has not been feeling well and she is going to the vet on saturday...but..I am trying to get some idea before we go.....the vet was so quick to pronounce my dog with liver failure and told us to put her to sleep...she has no hope...i wish i got another opinion before we let him put her down..I have this nagging feeling...anyway...my kitty is eating a little, but she is not playful..sleeping alot...can't tell if she is yellow cuz she is a light orange, beige color. Her belly seems swollen and she was just trying to poop and I don't think anything cameout...she was going good the other day when i checked her...worried about a blockage. I have been weighing her and
she is the same weight. This is heartbreaking ..that they can't tell us what hurts. I love my little girl and probably would put myself in further debt to make her well...I just want to go to the vet more informed this time.
Thinking about your baby and I hope and pray for the best!!
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Hmm, you might check the insides of the ears. Not much hair there, to let you see if the skin is yellow. It's a really unmistakable deep yellow. Looks kind of like dirt, if I could only think of any yellow dirt-like substance a cat might get into. Maybe swimming around in food dye? (Anyway, it's obvious. Kind of like a light smear of blood has that unmistakable reddish color on skin, you know?)

Here's a page with some pictures.
There's an article on the cat at the very bottom of the page.
Those pictures look pretty washed out. Our cat wasn't pastel yellow, she was YELLOW. More like this:

Anyway, kitty was vomiting foam and not eating in December. She started peeing outside the box, too, but that was only for a couple of days, probably in response to the stress of all my relatives showing up for the holidays. We took her to the vet and they said all the tests came back normal. I spent the next month or two buying food after food, trying to find one she would eat, but all in vain, sigh.

Hope your kitty turns out fine!
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i just compared my kitty to ur pictures and she is not yellow at all. I think she is constipated....i went out and bought hairball/laxative medicine and hopefully this will help her...she went a little and it was rockhard. She is eating a little ,but not enough to sustain her! Thankyou for taking the time to send those pictures. How is your Kitty doing? I hope better I am to searching the pet stores for food for her..i even bought kitty milk for her
I think stress from getting new kitties did all this...but she is still Queen !
Thanks alot and you take care!! Prayers for kitty toooo!!!
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Something else that works well for constipation is a bit of canned pumpkin.
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I just took Kitty Girl to the vet. She has an upper respitory infection, so he gave her two shots and some antibiotic for a week. I thank God she is going to be ok, I feared the worst!
LiveDeeply...How is ur kitty, please give an update...hoping and praying she is doing better!
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Laurie, I'm glad your kitty is being healed. Wonderful! I'm on the tail end of a nasty resperatory infection myself right now, so I know it can be overcome...

My kitty is still here. All else aside, that seems like the best sign. I wasn't sure if she'd last this long. I'm trying not to look at every little symptom and make myself crazy, wondering, you know. I'm afraid all of my worries will leak through to her, by tension, or smell, or the way I handle her, because animals are so perceptive. So I convince myself she's doing better every time I feed her, just in case.

I syringe fed her Fancy Feast once last night instead of the Science Diet I'd been giving her every few hours, because I'd read here that it's Cat Crack.... (even though I'm not posting, I do read here a lot) ...even if it's not that nutritional, by God, I was hoping it would make her want to eat. She'd been sort of subdued all day, which I was worried about. And she stood over the Fancy Feast FAR longer than she's been glancing at the other food I've been putting out, so it must be tempting!

So fed her the Fancy Feast, and tried to play with her dangly thing. She wouldn't look at it. As soon as I stopped playing and petting, she yakked it all up. Poor kitty! I'm hoping it was just the food change that made her yak, and the nausea that made her not want to play... not a downturn. It was kind of nice that she didn't yak till I stopped petting her... it means I was being soothing and distracting, at least.

I couldn't bring myself to force more food down her after that, so I was worried about leaving her hungry overnight. Went in there this morning, and she's doing just fine. It's a good sign... I hope. I hope she kept at least a little down.

Back to the Science Diet today. I've heard iffy things about it, but the vet gave me a week's worth for free, and I'm at a point where I can't be picky. Oh, my auctions end tonight, if anyone hasn't looked. I've made a little, which is much better than nothing! (I was thrilled to find ramen at Wal-Mart for 10c, cheaper than 17c at our local supermarket. Sad, huh? God, can't wait till I get my paycheck! Got a second job Wednesday, though, and I'm so happy! It's a fun job I've had before, a clothing outlet store.) Okay, sorry for all the whining. Anyway, things are looking up for the next vet visit. Especially the chance that there might be one!
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Glad to hear your kitty is hanging in there. Don't worry about the science diet. Right now she needs whatever she can handle.
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Just fed her again, and, dare I say it, she seems a little more fiesty! Also, she doesn't feel as bony. Husband said he noticed the same thing. Hope she's gaining weight! Well, it seems like I'm feeding her enough for three cats every day.
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Has she tried eating on her own at all yet? It's important to get her going on that as soon as she can too.
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I've tried, but she's not touching anything. I try every day to show it to her, though. And check the food dish every time I'm in there. I'll keep it up.
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Kitty Girl seems very quiet tonight,,,she is drinking water but not interested in eating. She threw up before, i think from the trauma of the car ride, vet visit and shots. I have to give her another dose of antibiotic at 1:30 am...right before i go to work.
If I have to force feed her(hope not) but if i do, how do you do it...a large syringe? I have nine lives canned food but i will go get whatever she might need. I also bought that vita-gravy and cat-milk
I know about being broke..i hounded my customers(i deliver papers) for the money they owe me to give the vet some money that i owe him. he was real cool about it. onlycharged me 20 for the visit today, shots and meds...he is a good guy. Not in it for the money..he loves the animals Anyway, I am still praying for your kitty and everyday that she is fighting is a good thing.
Let me know how u feed her
thanks and take care...god bless you!

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Someone on here said that a large syringe is better. I didn't have much choice, I had to use one I already had. 10cc size that was leftover from when I got my wisdom teeth out, meant for rinsing the sockets. I cut the opening larger so the food would go through. As long as she gets food in her, it's good, I think.

Worried about kitty... she seems even more subdued today. Hasn't played for the past three days. Will she last till Friday? ...Will we even have any money left over for the vet on Friday? So worried.
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Originally Posted by livedeeply View Post
Someone on here said that a large syringe is better. I didn't have much choice, I had to use one I already had. 10cc size that was leftover from when I got my wisdom teeth out, meant for rinsing the sockets. I cut the opening larger so the food would go through. As long as she gets food in her, it's good, I think.

Worried about kitty... she seems even more subdued today. Hasn't played for the past three days. Will she last till Friday? ...Will we even have any money left over for the vet on Friday? So worried.
Don't worry about the syringe size if that's all you have. That is what I used for Jake. I just filled in 3-4 times each time I was feeding him.

I don't know what to tell you about kitty being subdued today. All I can tell you from my experience is that Jake had days like that too. And even had a couple in a row. The only thing you can do at this point, may be just to make sure she's getting fed and is pooping and peeing. Hopefully you'll be able to get her back to the vet on Friday.
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You said she isn't eating on her own. Have you tried finger feeding her? When Willow decided not to eat, I found that putting a little food on a spoon and touching it to her nose enticed her to eat a little on her own. It wasn't much, so I still had to syringe her some food, but it was a start at getting her to eat on her own again.
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Yes to what cloud_shade said, and also warming the food slightly often helps, because they can smell it more easily. Bless you for all you're doing to help your kitty through this... our thoughts are with you both.
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How is your Kitty doing? I hope better!
Kitty Girl is eating very little..I made her boiled chicken and she takes a few nibbles. She seems weak. I just made her drink 1 teaspoon of that fortified cats milk with a small syringe. I want to see if she keeps it down. I kept putting wet cat food on her mouth so she licks it off..but this is not enough nutrition for her..she is so flipping skinny. I am going to go get KMR later on and feed her with a syringe several times a day. Her belly is so big..I think from not eating good. Vet said she has nothing serious wrong with her and antibiotic will help....trying to be patient!!! She is breaking my heart...Please keep me informed about ur kitty..oh by the way...Kitty's name is?
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Well... I know, it has been odd speaking of my kitty as "kitty." But I'm doing it on purpose. She has a really unique name, it'd certainly turn up on a search engine, and... I'd be ashamed for anyone who knows me to find out how broke I am right now. Plus, my parents would be absolutely agast at how much money I've spent on her. They're the type to only go to a doctor if a bone is broken, y'see. A human bone. Depression-era thinking... save your aluminum foil for later use.

She's still really subdued. It's been decently warm here in Florida the past couple of days, so I've been taking her out back on the screened-in porch so she can get fresh air and see the birds and insects. So she can see that there's stuff to live for. She's not moving much, or making any noises... I wonder if it's that she's in pain? I know when I'm in pain, I'm quiet, and all my concentration is on my insides, not on fun stuff to chase....

I'm out of Science Diet, so I'm going to have to feed her Nutro kitten, which I still have a few of. Is it better? (She wouldn't even look at the adult kind.)

Thanks for the kind words, guys!
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Believe me..I understand..you have no idea on how much! I am glad you live in a warmer climate and ur kitty can get fresh air. I live in suburb of Cleveland and we are in a deep freeze! I keep covering her cuz my house is so chilly.
I got KMR and I am feeding her 1 teaspoon every hour or so and if she keeps that in I will increase it to 1 1/2 to 2 tomorrow..I also got her some Proplan kitten food, thinking that it is high in calories and vitamins she nibbles on a tiny bit every so often. I can't understand what happened and why she looks so bad, I feed them good cat food and just can't figure it out.
I also have in-laws that just don't get it, they have big bucks and I mean alot! There son(my husband) is ill and I only work...tighten our belts they say...I want to just scream..I can't afford the **** belt to tighten!! Thank god 3 out of 4 kids I have are grown up! It makes it easier.
Well. let me know about "Kitty" and I send my good thoughts and prayers
any other ideas on feeding let me know.
I never heard of Nutro-Kitten but check the label...I am sure it has vitamins..that is what she needs now the most
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Today she can't keep anything down. I'm afraid this might be it.

I got a wet washcloth and cleaned all of the food off her, thinking that we can hold her and give her cuddles tonight, at least, without being trapped in a towel. Because she's been moving so little.

She REALLY tried to get away after that, though, so who knows. I've put her back in the bathroom where it's a bit warmer so she can finish drying.
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Fingers crossed for everyone.
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And ur vet said all the tests came back ok? how old is your kitty? If my Kitty Girl does not perk up by tomorrow..we are going back to the vet....we cn figure out somekind of payment plan... she is just so weak and I am not sure what to do. I did two teaspoons in the syringe....my husband said she was gagging in the middle of the night but did not throw up..I just don't know anymore Keep praying for the best!!
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Well, she's still here! We were frantically thinking about taking her to the vet yesterday, but still not enough money. She was able to keep a little down last night, thank goodness. I'll let you know if anything changes. Oh, she's 2.5 years old. Way too young for this! Yes, the tests all came back fine. They HAD to have missed something in the physical.
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I took Kitty Girl to the vet this mo rning...she has been throwing up all night.
He said she has feline intestional parasite...she could have been born with it or bitten by another cat which is highly unlikely cuz i had her since she was a week old. So, she was probably born with it. He said she was not going to get better and she was suffering, so i did the humane thing and had her put down, I stayed with her and held her to the end..I feel terrible but , I knew it in my heart that she was not going to get better. She went very peaceful and I will miss her so bad. I hope and pray that your Kitty gets better..take care
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Awh, Laurie, I'm so sorry! I'm sure you did the right thing, though. My sympathies.
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Laurie, I"m very sorry about your kitten.
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Thankyou for your kind words...Please livedeeply...tell me how ur kitty is...I pray she will be ok. Now gotta keep an eye on the other 3 for symptoms...there is a vaccine but it is not approved yet...experimental...not ready to use them for experiments..just got to hope and pray for the best
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