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Ginger Tabby or Torbie?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm about to adopt my 4th cat. She's a sweet little baby who I've fostered for 2 weeks and she'll be returning to my home after she's spayed. The shelter says she is a Ginger Tabby but I have a friend who said she may be a Torbie. I thought I'd post her picture and see what you all think. Thanks!

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I don't know what her coloring is, but oh-my-gosh, is she beautiful!
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Definitely a torbie and what a cutie!
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Torbie (aka tortoiseshell tabby) with very cute eyes!
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Thanks! She is just so sweet and adorable. Here are a few pics of her with my current cats. The Orange Tabby is Charlie, the Orange Tabby with White is Popcorn, and the Flame Point is Lambchop.

Oh, and this one because it's just so darn cute:

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They are all precious!
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What a cutie! Gorgeous markings. Looks like she's had no problems joining the family!
Aren't ginger tabies usually male?
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Thanks everyone! I really miss having her in the house (she's back at the shelter waiting to be spayed, then she is going home with a friend until I return from my vacation, which starts on Friday).
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She's an adorable torbie! Cute!!!
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Gingers are usually male.
Charlie and Popcorn are ginger tabbies.
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She is so cute! I couldn't resist that little one anything!
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How adorable! She has the tri colors of a torbie, but that "M" marking on her forhead is a dead giveaway for tabby. She appears to be both. Maybe just call her a torbie-tabby?
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Gingers are usually male.
Charlie and Popcorn are ginger tabbies.
Well in this area they call them Orange Tabbies. What we call Ginger Tabby is like a Brown Tabby with orange interspersed with the pattern of brown, black, and grey. (The shelter where I volunteer held a whole class on this for those of us who take in surrenders, to cut down on changes that the exam room has to make to the information we enter during the intake of the animal.) So for us, yes anything Orange Tabby is usually male, but we consider calicos and torties to have "ginger" in them, not orange, so they are usually female.

Confusing, I know, but my vet is in a different area than the shelter where I volunteer and she agrees with the coloring so I guess it's a regional thing.
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I would agree that she's a torbie as well (tortoiseshell-tabby), and she is absolutely adorable!!!! What a sweetheart, I can see why you're adopting her
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Wow I'm jealous! She's so sweet. I love her tail in the very first picture. And I love her pretty face in all of the pictures!
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She's precious! I'd say she's a torbie too.
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Welcome to TCS!! Your kitties are just precious!
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