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The Reflex Tester

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I got this in my email. My best response time, so far, is 0.38 seconds, I'm sure everyone else can do better than that!!!! Here you go!!!
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LOL.....that was fun, the fastest I can get is 0.26. I am sure they are cheating.LOL.
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It's fun. I'll be back! (as Arnold says!)
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My worst time is .39. my best is .22. and yes it is addicting.
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0.24, oh dear I can see what I will be doing tommorow instead of working

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I got 2.5!!!
After alot of tries
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My best time was 0.28 That is addicting! I kept changing the background color too!
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0.26 But I must make excuses and say I'm on very strong pain killers for my ear infection making me a bit sloooow. Whine...whine...whine...
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I had .04 and they said I had the reflexes of a snake! I think I twitched and clicke even before I saw the colour!
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My highest score was lowest was:

Maybe it's the 3 cups of coffee I have had already!!!

Jedi took the test too and he scored a 2.17..sleeping!

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Don't you know that little girls who tell fibs don't got to heaven?
You can't show us up like that!!
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Excuse me? I wasn't trying to show anyone up...I merely posted my best everyone else did.
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Sorry, Jeff24Girl. I'm a tease. I thought you knew.
You did great!
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Oh OK...I thought you thought I was being a jerk or something. My bad...I too am sorry.
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OMG!!! I got .02!!! I can't believe it. I think I clicked even before I saw the color come up.
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Fun.... I like cornflowerblue!!
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Sarah, You could be in the Olympics! Surely they'll post that. You have the new record, don't you? Hmmm, I'll have to go back again-againagain!
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I was generally in the 0.22-0.28 range, but my best was 0.16. See, now I thought that was good until I saw Sarah's 0.02!
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I played a couple times - I seem to hit the 0.17 mark easily... but my fastest time was 0.15 seconds.
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Hahahaha!!!! I knew everyone would be faster than I am! (most of the time.)

I got really lucky a couple of times and got 0.05 twice!!!! Yipee!!!!!
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Okay... after playing with this thing most of the day... I finally got 0.01!

(I think my finger clicked by mistake!)
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LMAO I just got called a cheat cause I clicked a bit to quick, I thought I'd be clever hehehehe! Oh well! I think it the mouse, it just doesn't register my quickness..........

Jeff24Girl Don't worry mate, Jeanie G is the biggest tease in the forum by far hehehehe! if you want evidence go check out the 'Jeanie G asks about vegemite' thread. Now I hope she doesn't see this cause otherwise she'll tease me again Now to go get the cow out of the tree ........
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UM HMMMM...There is a little matter about a cow.... Did you really think I wouldn't know who was under that paper bag????
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I best is 0.28 and I'm leaving it at that otherwise I will achieve nothing in the rest of my life. .
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