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Need Input...Kennel Cough

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I have close friends who breed bengals and are experiencing a problem that appears to be "kennel cough". Their Vet is old school and out of touch, so I'm trying to get some help for them from all resources.


All cats are immunized.

1 kitten exposed to several other cats outside the cattery began coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, several days after exposure.

Subsequently other cats in the cattery are experiencing similar symptoms.
No mouth sores reported, so it's probably not Calci-virus. Appetites are good.

Don't think this is herpes virus, because of the coughing.

Since we are 1,000 miles away, I can't see the cats for myself, so this is all 2nd hand info.

Any help, suggestions, therapy protocol is appreciated.
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sounds like the same "cold" that twilight has thats going around the shelter here. My vet did a Gentamicin shot and than clavamox 62.5mg pill once a day for 14 days, twilight is 3lbs, with kirra he does a 7 day 2x's a day treatment(she is 9lbs). as long as they are eating and drinking good, just have to make sure to keep em warm and it takes 7-10 days to run its course typically even with meds is what my vet told me (now of course parnoid mom here and i am watching him like a hawk)
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I have heard of kennal cough in cats ... goes by a different name but I think antibiotics are used.. Sorry the info aint great "
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