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My pooor baby :(

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Twilight has an upper respritory infection, we had hoped the shelter had finally gotten it all under control *sighs*. But we took him to the dr he got the G shot and than clavamox 1 pill for 14 days. He is in full cold mode, sneeze, cough and runny nose. sleeps alot but than again he is only 3 months old lol. he is eating and drinking good. i picked up some pedialyte just in case. i figure since he started meds wensday that by monday we should see some improvement, ie less sneezing or coughing? yes????
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Poor little baby Twilight (great name). I would think that by Monday you should see improvement. Most antibiotics are quickly effective. Just make sure to give the full 14 day course even if Twilight seems much better. It's a very good sign that he's eating and drinking.

Congratulations on your new addition - sending lots of good thoughts to little Twilight for a speedy recovery!
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Cat colds seem to be common in shelters. One of my cats in childhood had one when we brought him home from the shelter. He was so sick that he stopped cleaning. Once we put him on meds he got better in about a week I think.
My friend recently adopted a cat and had the same trouble, but the cat was cured by the antibiotics.
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So sorry your kitty is sick. I would think if he started meds on Wednesday he should start showing improvment any time. If he's not showing some improvment by Monday, then I'd call the vet back for sure.
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Poor Twilight.
Zoey and Saki had colds when I brought them home from the shelters but not so bad that they needed antibiotics.
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Whelp he is going back in the morn, his nose is running so bad now he can blow snot bbbles and his cough sounds like mine and i have bronchitis. so back he goes. his right eye is weeping to, we can tell cause the white fur is all stained. so back in he goes. i just hope he isnt getting pneumona.
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He may just need a different antibiotic.
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For Twilight.
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Colds are actually virus based - the antibiotics help prevent secondary infections. Unfortunately, the colds just have to run their course.

I'm glad you're taking him back to the vet though - poor baby sounds miserable. I hope a change in meds will help - and it sounds like he may need eye goop too.

Poor baby! !!

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Poor little guy. I hope the vet is able to help him today and that he feels better soon.
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VERY IMPORTANT that you get your cat on probiotics as soon as the medication has been taken in its entirety. A cat on antibiotics and heavy medications lose the healthy bacteria in their system which destroys their immune system and ability to fight for recovery. It's the part of medicine left out with humans and pets.
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Well the vet thinks he has a really really bad infection, we are starting getamiacin shots everyday for 5 days ONTOP of the clavamox and force feeding ontop of the minor feeding he does on his own. If he is not better by friday than we have to assume viral and let it run its corse keeping him hydrated and warm, he said if we get to that point it might be distemper. So here is fighting for twilight.
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Sending a hug ...
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whelp guess who started sneezing this evening. Ms Kirra. So the vet had said if she started sneezing back on the clavamox she would go. so i will let him know at 8am when twilight goes in for his shot of meds. *sighs* my poor kitties cant get a break. but like i told my friend, if they wanna fight it i will do whatever i can for em, and twilight is a fighter, i am sure in a week or so all will be normal(is there a such thing with cats?) in my house again.
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Well there maybe hope yet. Kirra hasnt sneezed anymore, so i wonder if she just got into something, we are watching her. But Twilight has shown a good sign, after some force feeding, 15ml of food, he got up and ate and drank on his own and even wanted to play when we brought the laser out for kirra, so i think he shall get through this, and i am sure its not distemper(which the vet said would be the worse case senario) i cant wait to tell the vet about this, i mean he hasnt shown any interest in play since last wensday. So the fact that he was tring to chase the light even for a few minutes i think is a good thing. We just need to keep him on this track and than fatten him up(he lost 2ounces in a week already from this so he is down to 3.1 pounds)
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