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Where is Reeses???

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I had to have the oil guy come out tonight to look at my heat. A huge hairy 6'6" guy with a beard..reminded me of Goliath. After he left I couldn't find Reeses. Can you tell where she's hiding?

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I recognize that lump. My Petunia alway hid under the covers. When my dad was over doing some work on the house, I had to warn him to be careful putting anything on the bed.
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I have lumps like that, too. Thats so funny that she thinks she cant be seen. Ducky likes to lay like that just to take a nap so I have to be careful too for suspicious bed lumps LOL
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I have those same lumps on my bed too!
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That is so cats NEVER do that, they do not like to be covered up!
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Actually I have three lumps just like that on my bed right now.
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Lynx loves to be under the covers like that. Only there is no mistaking that he is there. You can hear him purring from across the room.
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Siam hides under the covers! He also has a couple of afghans that he hides under. I have a Sylvester afghan that my Mom made for me last year and if it's in my chair I have to check before sitting down...there might be a Siam under it!
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Gee, no clue. But I'd sure like to plop on that comfy bed...
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aww....lumpy beds.............only in cats & small animal owners houses
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Awww, a giant peanut butter cup sized lump!
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I just noticed if you look from left to right toward the pillow she is in her bowling pin sleeping position.

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LOL! Tooo cute! Poor Reeses! I'd hide from the big strange hairy man too!
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