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Well THAT explains something!

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So I've posted a few times lately about the problems with my boss being awful and all that stuff.

Well I found out, not from her but another co-worker and confirmed it with my mother (who is also my co-worker)....she is finally pregnant. Which is good because she's been trying a long time. Her son is from her first marriage and she and her husband really want him to have a sibling. They are good parents, inspite of the way she is at work lately!

Course I'm a bit tiffed she didn't actually told some of the staff and not the rest of us (only 5 of us besides her!) The one male co-worker we have kept saying it and she had basically just nodded yes. Then he said something in front of the 2 other employees at a meeting they were all at and she confirmed it quietly again. Then she spent the rest of the day with my co-worker and I who were not at the meeting and said nothing inspite of the fact she was feeling awful. But hey, what do I expect?

For now my plan is to be happy for her, and say nothing.
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Oh she's probably super stressed. I remember when my nursing supervisor, who was newly married for the second time and older, broke into tears and confessed to that shift's charge nurse that she was pregnant but not feeling well (bp was up). She was so concerned about losing the pregnancy.

I don't think it excuses your boss not treating folks well, but it's understandable that the stress might be pushing her to behave in a way she doesn't mean to.

I wish her well with the pregnancy.
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Depending on how far along she is she might not want to make it public in case something happens??
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That was what I was thinking- and somebody guessed and then spilled the beans .
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Oh maybe it's her hormones that are making her wacky, I hope that whole job thing works out for you
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Well, in any case, I do wish her luck with her pregnancy.

Sounds like she wasn't ready to let that one out of the bag yet...she still needs to be a BOSS, however.
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