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Any suggestions?

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We have a fenced yard with lots of things to explore and sniff, and I just started letting our 14 week old kitten out the other day. At first he was very timid, but now he's climbing on logs (from a tree that fell during the storm), and getting under trees and sniffing every branch. He's in heaven.

I've blocked all the under the fence ways out, and am planning on getting something to put over the top of the fence to keep him in. At this point, he's too little to really jump and climb over the fence. BUT . . . there was a big squirrel in our yard yesterday, and I just assumed he'd come running back into the house or hide in terror. Instead, he let out this little war hoop and ran after it and started to chase it up a tree. His little tail, which usually looks like a long mouse's tail, was as bushy as the squirrels. Luckily, I had just trimmed his claws so he couldn't get much of a grip. He got sort of stuck at one point, and I went to take him off the trunk, and his little body was trembling. But of course, he wanted to go right back out for the rest of the day and night. What a power trip to have that squirrel run from him!

Do any of you have any ideas of what I can wrap around the trees or how I can keep him from climbing up the trees? I saw the project on this site, but it's pretty expensive. Someone suggested wrapping tin around the trunk, or some kind of metal? That's my biggest concern because eventually he will be able to jump from an upper branch to the roof of my house or over the fence. He's quite a hunter and more fearless than I thought.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Trimming his claws will keep him from being able to climb things like that. You want to start trimming or soft claws ( I don't know if these work outdoors, haven't used them) before he gets to use to climbing everything......at that age they will get themselves into a situation they may not be able to get out of
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I'm sure you know that most people on this site cringe at the thought of letting kitties outdoors, though I certainly understand your desire to give them a chance to play outside. But even if you're able to keep your kitty in the yard -- which is going to be difficult -- please bear in mind the dangers that can come INTO the yard.

Even though we live well inside a major metropolitan area, we regularly see squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, possums, and of course, cats, dogs, and birds getting into our yard... and several times in the past couple of years, we've had warnings of bobcats and coyotes attacking pets in nearby neighborhoods!

The cats could be carrying all sorts of feline diseases, and any of these animals could be rabid, as well. And even if the only thing they carry is fleas, those too can transmit diseases to your kitty.

Sheesh. Have I horribilized enough yet? Forgive me... but I thought I should share the reasoning behind my own decision not to let my cats outside at all, even just in my own yard.

If you do continue to let your kitty play outside, please make sure to keep up with all his vaccinations. All good wishes, whatever you decide.
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I would suggest keeping him inside. But if you really want to let him outside I would train him on a leash and he only goes out when you take him and that way you can keep an eye on him. He is still young enough that you can train him. That way he gets the best of both worlds.
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A lot of people on this site are against letting their cats outdoors and there are several issues to deal with doing so. The one thing I would say is that he is very young to be allowing out running around freely, this only encourages the "no fear" when he is older and once the immediate yard is explored, its impossible to keep him close, especially since he already sounds care free to run up a tree without precaution. If there is a question of him eventually jumping over the fence when he is bigger, you need to teach him precaution and safety, there are plenty of things indoors to accomplish this. Find out his personality indoors where you have more control before letting him out. Trimming his claws is a good thing to start at a young age........................
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I am also one that believes kitties should be kept inside. He is so young, if you never let him outside he will never know the difference or what he's 'missing'. He will be perfectly happy indoors as long as you provide cat trees, toys, etc. If you start letting him out then he will always want to go out and eventually he will find a way out of your yard and most likely in the street where they dont belong.
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If it's important to you to let kitty outside, please consider using an enclosure. Many here have built their own - but a search of Cat Enclosures can turn up great ideas. Here' are some links:


...and kitty is going to want to chase squirrels, chipmunks, &etc. They are genetically engineered to chase rodents!

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