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Here are some common questions (and answers) about the Caption This forums.

Q: How do I submit a picture?
A: All you need to do is email me and include the picture as an attachment to your email. My email address is :

Q: What info should I send with my pictures?
A: The most important thing is your forums username. I'm sorry, but with more than 10,000 members, I can't always tell your forums username from your real name or your signature. I can't always tell if your signature IS your real name or your username so please state clearly what your username is. Other than that - I love hearing about the cats in the pictures, so go ahead and tell me anything you like. But remember - the only thing that will actually show up on the thread is the picture and your username.

Q: How long would it take for my picture to be published?
A: That depends. Let me explain how I handle the pictures and how I set their order of appearance. Thanks to your active participation and generousity, I get great new pictures for the CT forum practically everyday (please keep them coming!). I put all of them into a special folder in my computer. Once every 2 weeks or so, I take all of those pictures, adjust any of them if needed (for best internet compatability) and upload them to the forums for katiemae1277 to use in the threads. When I do that, I give priority to pictures by members who never had their picture in the forums before. Then I try to space out pictures submitted by the same user, so they won't come too close together. I keep the others to use in the next batches of new pictures. Then, when the previous set of pictures has run its course, Katie uses the new pictures.

Basically, this means that if you submitted pictures to the CT forum, you should see one of your pictures appear within 4-6 weeks or so. Not much sooner mind! As there are pictures from previous batches still waiting for their turn. You will very probably see pictures by other members who have contributed pictures before show before your pictures - this is because they belong to the previous set of pictures I had made before your pictures came in. So, please be patient - unless told otherwise in an email from me, your pictures are sure to show up within a few weeks time. And again - Thank you for sending them in! Keep them coming!

Q: What kind of pictures can I send in in terms of content?
A: Any picture that shows a cat or cats that is copyrighted to you. That usually means pictures you photographed yourself. Please never submit pictures you found on the internet, no matter how funny they are. If you can, contact the copyrights owner, tell them about our forums and encourage them to join the forums and submit their picture. There are no other limitations - the picture doesn't have to be extremely funny or unusual - sometimes just an interesting setting or expression can trigger some great captions .

Q: What kind of pictures can I send in in terms of format?
A: The pictures should be of decent quality and large enough (at least 300 pixels by 250 pixels in size). Don't hesitate to send me the largest version you have - it's easy for me to downsize the pictures. What I can't do is enlarge a small thumbnail size image into a decent quality image I can use. Almost any format is fine - JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EPS to name just a few. I will open them in the right software and convert them to an internet compatibale form.

Q: How many pictures can I send?
A: There is no limitation on this one. I've had members send it as many as 20 pictures and that's great. Of course, this means it may take years for all of your pictures to actually show up but I promise to keep all of them and post them when their turn comes.

Q: If I send a large file or more than one picture - should I zip them?
A: There is no need for you to zip any files. If you're sending a picture in a JPG format (the most common format) then zipping it makes very little difference in size anyway. I have a fast internet connection and a large email-box which is emptied every 30 minutes so don't be afraid to send me images without zipping them.