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11 cats.....

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Hey all. A LOT has happened, some good, some horrible. I wanted to give you guys an update and explain what happened with Elliott and the other kitties who have been taken out of that house. I feel like I am ready to talk more openly about Elliott now, I was too overwhelmed and upset before to explain better or handle talking about it extensively, I guess. The whole thing was a nightmare

On January 23rd, the poor boy, Elliott, was taken into the vets to get his mouth sore looked at, and to get neutered/vaccinated, etc. Unfortunately, practically all of his teeth had rotted, and the vet said it was neccessary to test him for FELV/FIV. After I had called several times throughout the day to find out what had happened with him, they finally called 25 minutes before they are supposed to close, said they had him under and needed to test him. They had told the angel who was paying for his treatment that they would not be able to have the results of the tests until the next day, so they would have to do all of the surgeries (dental, neuter) FIRST, before knowing the results of the tests, if we still wanted the surgeries done. I told them do the surgeries. Elaine had called me right before they did and she had said to go ahead and get all of it done. When I called the vets office back, after I had talked to Elaine again, and they had done the surgeries, the girl told me they would have the results soon, the same night!! WHAT!? I got another call soon after that, saying that Elliott had tested positive for FIV, and that we needed to hurry and make a decision because they had stayed way late for "the cat." The Dr (Dr Jenkins, who did a not so swell job with Trixter for his diabetes, but was the only available option, as no other vets here would work with ferals) was VERY rude, complaining about staying late, saying I "did not have my ducks all lined up", implying that I had not thought this through enough, and was not ready for the decision making, etc. I told him that he knew I had people I was working with for this situation, and that when they didn't get back to me until 20 mins before closing, it put a damper on the communication and decision making.
Knowing how sick Elliott was, I did not want him to have to suffer anymore, and I knew he would be miserable without teeth, being medicated and caged all the time for infections, etc, I made the very hard decision to send him to the bridge where he will never suffer again. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.
After that, the vet called to ask how we would like to "dispose" of his body. He was so cold and rude, it made me sick. I told him I'd call my neighbor across the street, Frank (the guy who let the cats breed and breed). Frank said he would go pick him up and bury him. I called back the vets office and when I told them Frank would come get him, I heard the Dr start yelling childishly about not being able to release him to Frank. I told them I would ride along to get him, and that we were about 15 mins from the office. The girl said "we'll be here". When we got there, we found Elliott in a box on top of my trap, outisde of the door..... How could they INSIST, to the point of yelling, that they could NOT release him to Frank, and then leave him OUTSIDE!? I was, and still am, furious and disgusted by the whole thing.... I have to find comfort in the fact that Elliott is at peace, and that he thanks me for that hard decision. I made his life better than it had ever been during those last few months of his life. He had lots of yummy food, as much as he could eat, and he was given lots of love. We adored him, and really wanted him to feel better. Even though it is extremely heartbreaking, he feels 100% better now, and will forever.

I am sorry this story is so sad, but I wanted to let you guys know what had happened that day.

RIP Sweet Boy

One more cat was sent to the bridge. The people who let the cats breed had a cat inside that they could not get to the vet, after she had been hit by a car... At first, they insisted that she is in no pain, that she does things normally, etc, even though the entire bottom half of her body was completely unusable. She was only hit "about 4 months ago". I insisted that she be taken to be put to sleep, because she is suffering, no matter how much they insist that she isn't. I told them that I had an angel who was willing to pay for it, and they said they would take her to the shelter and say they "found her". So the next morning, they did, and the shelter put the poor baby to rest. Had I not intervened, they would have kept her that way, dilluding themselves that she is fine. Now she is at peace, and no longer enduring that horrible pain we all KNOW she was in.

This all has been SO hard on my heart. I am a VERY emotional person, and this whole thing has just sucked all of the energy out of me. BUT....

Just last Saturday, I got SEVEN kittens out of that house and into the hands of a wonderful woman who does a lot of cat/kitten rescue. She broke them up into 3 separate groups, to go to foster mommies until they are well enough and spayed/neutered/vaccinated/dewormed, etc, to go to furever homes, under strict policies and guidelines!!!!! Out of 7 babies, only 2 were male..... 7 or 8 months from now, they would have had an additional 5 litters of kittens!

Two of the babies I kept in my (tiny lol) room with me for a week. I got SO attached! The woman who came to get them had mailed me some medications for them, because they both had diarhhea, one MUCH worse than the other. It was at the point where I was getting very worried about him, but the medications started to really help. They were doing much better by the time they left with Shelly (the lady who got the babies from me), they were playing happily, and the poops were getting better! I miss those babies SO much!






I am staying updated on the babies, and they are doing GREAT now! Two of them (the two that were a little older) will be going up for adoption THIS weekend! Wooohoooo!!

Due to weather, Paula, who is going to come up and trap adults to be speutered/vaccinated, etc, couldn't get up here last month, so the next planned trap day is Feb 16th. Please wish us luck. The cats had a few weeks of breeding time, which has finally stopped now, and I just know most, and probably ALL of the girls are pregnant. Arg. But, at least I know if there are kittens, I have a safe, wonderful place to send them, where they will get the lives they deserve!

Sorry this got so long. Told ya a lot had happened! I hope all is well with everyone and their precious furkids! And a big thank you goes out to everyone who has helped me with this whole ordeal!
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I am saddened to read about Elliott, but he was very fortunate that you gave him the gift of a peaceful passing. Poor sweet boy I commend your courage to do the right thing despite the anguish that it caused you.
I am reminded of a quote of President John F. Kennedy's that said that without diminishing the value of those who die to make a difference, it is important to value those who live to make a difference. - Trixter's Momma, you are one of those special angels here on earth who live to make a difference! Bless you in your relentless efforts to help those cats
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Awww, thank you so much!!! *HUGGGGS* Don't forget, YOU are one of those angels, too! Love ya!
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