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Urinary PH

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Hi everyone. I'm hoping to get a couple of suggestions. I am trying to find a cat food that will result in a urinary ph of about 6.8. My 9 year old cat Misty has had problems with Calcium Oxalate stones in the past but she started with Struvite stones. Treating the struvite stones caused the calcium oxalate which required surgery. After her surgery to remove calcium oxalate stones from her bladder two years ago, she was given Hill's Science Diet X/D. She doesn't mind nibbling the dry formula but she vomits the canned X/D. She prefers canned food so I'm pulling my hair out right now. I do not want her to end up with another surgery because she is very sensitive to anesthesia and almost died during surgery two years ago. Right now she is eating Fancy Feast for canned and X/D for the dry and she's been OK but her PH is at 7.5 which is just a little too high. I am told that 6.8 would be ideal.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all.

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I recommend Royal Canin (formerly Walthams) Urinary SO.
It is supposed to maintain a neutral ph and good for either oxalate or struvite crystals.

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Both my cats are on Waltham's SO. One had urinary problems really bad before I put him on it.
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Yep same here.
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Waltham is a good RX if your vet doesnt stock it they can order it
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Waltham is a good RX if your vet doesnt stock it they can order it
The vet I used to get it from moved and the other two I went to refused to order it for me (well, the people in admission said the vets would not order it). I had to find another vet that carried it.
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Yep, only some vets carry Waltham's SO, or can order it on request. For convenience, we order ours from a vet office that isn't our regular vet and we haven't had any problems. I suppose the variation is due to different relations with suppliers or loyalty to Hill's?
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Thank you all for your replies. My vet is very loyal to Hill's so I think I might have to find another vet to talk to about this food. Whenever I ask him if there are other foods, he just says that Hill's is the best prescription food company.

I went to the Royal Canin website using the link given to me here - thank you. I researched the urinary diet and it seems like a great solution. I will try to see if I can get a vet to order it for me. It's so hard knowing what the right thing to do is. All I know is I love Misty very much and I just lost her brother 8 weeks ago and don't want to lose her anytime soon. Never would suit me just fine but I know that is not possible so I want to at least help her have many more years with me.

Thank you all again. I appreciate your help.

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I hope you are able to get someone to order it for you. I think this would be the perfect food for your situation.
Ever since Saki has been on it his ph always tests around 6.75. (I test it at home).
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