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I need your help

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Okay, this is a picture of the skateboard my husband made for me. I am getting ready to build one myself. It will be the same size and shape. I just came up with the theam I want it to have. I want to make a TCS board. ON the top will be the TCS logo and on the bottom will be pictures of kitties from the site. It will take about a month to build but when it is done it will be fully functional. I would love to ride it at the beach this summer.
So what I need is, permission to use the logo and pictures of cats. I will also need a vector image of the logo, if there is one so I can resize it to fit the board. Any pictures that are used should have the kitties name on it to.
Come on guys help me out.
The board of the board is 56in long, 10 1/2 in wide. So there is a lot of room for photos.
My husband and I are locols at the beach. Our boards get noticed, it would be great advertizing.

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I'd be willing to let you use Kitters photo if you would like to use it. Once you get permission and a TCS graphic PM me and I'll send you one if you'd like!
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Although you'd have to pick which of my kits as I'need need to get some decent, natural light pics.
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Ok, you won't want to bother putting a picture on the top of the deck. On the top of a skateboard deck you stick grip tape on it. If you don't have grip tape you won't be able to ride it. Also, a skateboard with that shape won't be useful if you're wanting to do park/vert riding. You won't be able to ollie because the tail isn't rounded and it's not curved up. It looks like it has no concave and you need your deck to have a concave. You'll also want to use a good, solid wood that won't break easily but you'll want it to be light enough that you can get some 'pop' out of it when you ollie.

If you have any questions just ask me... i'm a skateboarder/snowboarder and know all the technical stuff.
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You should send a PM to Anne as she is the owner of the site.
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Thank you for the advice Clu. How ever my husband has been skating longer than you have been alive. What we are building is not a popsicle stick or a pool board. We are building longboards. They are made just for cruising. As for the grip tape we make a custom grip with resin and silicon sand. The finished product is clear, see attached image. We modeled the board afer the Dregs Supertanker. It has as much flex as a GnS fiberflex but has a longer wheel base. We spent many months reserching and testing differant sizes, types and thickness of wood, types of poly, and types of grip. My DH belongs to a forum that is dedicated soley to skateboarding and building boards. PM me and Ill give you the URL. We also are learning how to cross step like Adam Colton. We are building boards in the vain of Long Board Larry, Loaded, and Dregs.

THe grip tape over my logo

My board with the original Supertanker

The purpose of the board
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
I'd be willing to let you use Kitters photo if you would like to use it. Once you get permission and a TCS graphic PM me and I'll send you one if you'd like!
Also ud have to let me know which ones, we do have 6 kitties that run this household and pictures is one thing we have, I am photocrazy what can i say but also u said ud like the kitties names to be added on the photos and what not, if anyone needs any help with that I will be more than glad to do that with my photoshop. Of course this is if Anne ok's this, but pm me and let me know whats going on!! Those boards look GREAT What a great wait to show off TCS too Keep me updated on what happens!!
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