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is this person nuts?

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Ok, go to www.oscarfish.com Click on their bbs, and click on the off-topic section. Go to a thread entitled "My Poor Cat"
Now, why would a vet suggest that they put this cat to sleep because it has a fish hook stuck in its lip? I emailed the poster, telling her to get a 2nd opinion.
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Uh. I think I am stupid cause I looked one that said my poor cat, don't laugh to hard at him and all the other posts about cats and didn't see what you're talking about. can ya help me out? I am stupid! DUH!?
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I think the person meant anaesthetic, not "put down". Probably an unfortunate choice of words.
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Originally posted at Oscarfish.com
Well, he told me they would have to put Patches down, so I would have to leave her there until Monday morning!!
I agree with Sammie5. It looks like the person met to say that Patches would have to be put under. They probably typed the wrong word by mistake.
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It appeared to me, as though they meant to destroy the poor pet as well...........

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Ok, to clear up any confussion, I didn't have to put Patches to sleep!! Put her down....put her to sleep as in gas her, not kill her. OH MY GOD!! LOL...I would never kill my cat just for a fish hook in the mouth!!
When I went to "My Poor Cat" I read the replys and found this one from the original poster of "My Poor Cat."
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Well, I am glad that cat will be ok.........
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LOL Where would we be without our observant TCS cat lovers???
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