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Curious about a writers life?

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Are there any fiction writers/ authors on this form? ( You know the ones who stay at home and make up there own novels, Warriors series, Clan of The Cavebear, Where the red fern grows,) I was wondering some questions about them and there lifestyles.

How much pay to they make per year?

Do they have supervisiors or do they work indepentently? ( I heard from some people that they don't have supervisiors)

How many pages/hours do they work on a day and can they fit other things in along with it , hiking, fishing , ect?

How long does it take to get good enough to publish their work?

I know that becoming a writer can be boring at times due to the fact of being alone so much, however my brain is abnormal it drifts off into trances and I think in pictures (Have high functioning Autism) I've heard that people with this disabilty have a hard time finding work and have very strong talents, for me I think writing/art is one of them. I can drift off and write fanstasic stories that people have told me I should get published.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif
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Most writers do not get paid very well. Some of our most famous authors never had much money, or if they did it was only much later in life.

And sadly, some of the better paid writers don't do much that anyone would ever call "art"... the things that are on the Bestsellers week after week are romance novels, thrillers, cookiecutter mysteries. Not that those aren't fun to read, but they're not art and most people who write them aren't entirely satisfied by it. It's just work. (I've met several of them).

They do not have supervisors, persay, but they do have editors and publishers and agents, all of whom can put more pressure on you than a standard supervisor ever would. And that's when you are doing well.

A whole lot of writers end up having another job as well. Sometimes teaching, or freelancing, doing lectures, etc. Sometimes something totally unrelated to writing.

I don't mean to discourage you. It is totally possible to do it, but it is not an easy career choice. The best way to start is by getting some of your short stories published in literary mags. http://newpages.com/npguides/litmags.htm

Your profile doesn't say how old you are, but most colleges with an English program have a student-operated literary magazine as well that publishes student work, usually more than one.
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Thanks I'll keep that in mind. I'm 20.
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