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What do you think?

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When I was in college I had a Sociology professor who discussed the concept of holidays. During this discussion he stated that one of the most important holidays an American could celebrate was Super Bowl Sunday. He stated that the rituals around this day were like that of Christmas or Easter. For example, families got together and planned a meal, people take off of work, and no one is excepted to be productive on that day. So, what do you think; is Super Bowl Sunday akin to a holiday in your house?
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No. But I'm not a football fan...I work with a lot of people who are, so I do understand the whole ritualistic/holiday aspect of it, though.
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Not really, I don't care for football at all, my favorite part is the halftime show. I have been to Super Bowl parties in the past with the boyfriend of the day :-) My X-husband was a total fanatic and I got choked with football, that's probably why I don't bother with it anymore. Now Baseball is another matter, just love it and never miss the World Series. To each his own, right??
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I don't think of super bowl Sunday as a holiday, it is just a day where friends and family can get together and do something.
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Nope! Wouldn't even know anything about it if it wasn't discussed here or at work. And it's not discussed much at work!
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In my opinion, the only purpose of Super Bowl Sunday is an excuse to drink beer! Seriously though, I'm not into football and my family isn't, but I kinda understand what he is saying. But, I wouldn't say it is an American holiday. I don't know...are there Hallmark cards for Super Bowl Sunday? I wouldn't be surprised!
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I'll be working that day at a pre-Super Bowl candle party.

In my house, we don't watch any spectator sports except the wrestling that my roomie watches.

Football games make me go to sleep - it's the white noise the crowd makes.
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It is not so much a holiday but a good excuse to get together with friends and/or family. I am a football fan but when I don't really care about the teams playing in the Super Bowl (like this year), the game is not important. The gathering with friends is the important part. Now if the Jets were playing in the Super Bowl, you better not bother me with a thing!

I passed up the annual football party at my friends farm this year to stay home with Little Buddy and it was the right decision.
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I do understand it because while I don't care for football, my family LOVES hockey and we have our own little rituals when it comes to hockey
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I think we shoud get the day after survive any hangovers...
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I think we shoud get the day after survive any hangovers...

I actually have Monday off. It is a leftover vacation day from last year. It is good to have a boss that is a football fan.
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