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Well, I think I beat that one.......

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We have been having a "spat"...."fight"....downright "Beirut in the kitchen" over the darn water bowl.

Make no mistake, I love KittenKiya....he can do no wrong.....(sort of) but this thing with the water bowl has to stop.

I have had to wash my floors more in the past two weeks and I have had to in the past 5 years. He picks up the edge of the water bowl and lets it "thunk" on the floor....causing the water to slosh all around while he looks at it intently, saying...."That's right, a little more over the edge".

Well, I put a stop to this big time. I went to Wal-Mart, and go a huge waterbowl that has an edge on it about 2 inches thick. I want to see him get his teeth around that and "thunk" it!!!!!
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Hopefully you got a heavy ceramic bowl to deter him.

I wonder what he will think up next to irritate you.
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I thought I had solved all my problems with a nice heavy water fountain... seemingly they are more intelligent than I gave them credit for, now they splash the water out with their paws
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Funny! Cats are such comedians .....Oscar likes to play with his food and spits it out on the floor. EVERYDAY
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Boomer also likes to hold Bumper's head in the water which causes a nice mess (he doesn't do it long enough to harm him but we can't get him to stop it)
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Mia was doing the same thing...everyday! I'd have to refill their water bowls...I even bought new ones because I thought maybe they were cracked or something. Well I finally caught that silly girl and saw what she'd been doing! I took care of it by buying a couple of cafeteria-type of trays...at The Dollar Tree. Now I place their food & water bowls in there...if she spills it at least it doesn't get all over the carpetting. What's weird though is that since I did that, she's hasn't spilled it anymore.

Hilda >^..^<
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One cat that we had in an apartment that we lived in was just unreal.

I swear the Boston Bruins would have signed this cat up in an instant. He played "food hockey".

Yep, he'd go over to the bowl, take out 1 kibble and proceed to bat it all over the kitchen. He went crazy when it bounced back at him. 3 of 4 minutes of this, then he would daintily eat it.

Then go for the next one. I invited friends over for the "food hockey" party.
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