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Dental rinses

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When I was at vet on Wednesday I picked up two dental products. One you can add to the water dish and the other you squirt on the gums and teeth.
I haven't had a chance to use them yet.
Has anyone tried these??? Did they seem to make a difference??
I bought C.E.T AquaDent and Oral Hygiene Rinse.
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I give the CET dental chews to my little guy (the only one of my 3 who'll eat them) but I haven't used the rinse. My dental tech tells me the rinse is more effective than the chews, but can be bitter-tasting.

The other product she recommended is Oxyfresh Pet Gel. I used it after my youngest cat had dental surgery to help the gum heal. It's a clear gel which contains aloe that you can gently smear on the gums to help soothe any sensitive, inflammed areas. It can also be used as a toothpaste, according to the directions on the tube.
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Thanks for the info-I'll post more when I actually start using these products.
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My vet gave me a sample of C.E.T. AquaDent to try, but I gave up when I realized that the cat who needed it didn't drink a drop of water--not because of the rinse, just because he eats canned food and doesn't drink water in the first place. Just be sure to follow the mixing instructions to get the right concentration.
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