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Are my cat's normal?

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I've got 3 little furbabies and I've noticed that my newest addition (Tiki) is quite vocal. She is just under a year old and I think she just loves to hear her own voice. On the otherhand, my other two cats (Bud and Echo) very rarely meow at all. Bud only meows when he wants in a room when the doors are shut, but Echo will not meow for anything. When I got Echo and Bud they were approximately 5 weeks old and they were abandoned by their owners. Echo was VERY vocal when I got her...that's how she got her name. It just sounded like her voice echoed through the entire house! After a couple of months, I noticed that she didn't meow very often and now I've noticed that she won't meow at all. She does make funny little screeches when she plays with the other two..so I know she's still got a voice. I was just wondering if this is normal?
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Your babes just have different personalities. I have 8 and all have a variety of vocals and some hardly speak at all
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I have two cats, one a talker and one not so much. Trent will sometimes whine all day, just to make sure we know he's there and he wants to be with us. Ophelia really only talks to Daddy. She won't hardly utter a peep to me.
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Your babies are very normal Shell, just individuals.
I have six
Roxane,will only speak when she wants something or is protesting against something.
Mishka makes some very strange sounds when he kisses us
Misty always greets you with a half meow half purr
Bindi is most vocal at dinner time, she makes this high pitched brrrrrt sound any other time.
Monty will greet you with a silent meow unless food is involved or Greybeard fires up the BBQ , who by the way Mongomery worships.
Moof is our silent baby, you never hear from him at all
I love their individual personalities.
Tish +
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hi, i think kittens talk more when they are younger- i adopted a kitten that had been called "Yapper" cuz she talked so much ( i re-named her)
As she got older she became less vocal.

i have heard of this with other cats too, they make a lot of noise when they are young, but not always as much as they get older.

my cat Kali rarely talks unless someone imitates the meow she usually makes (which i can not figure out how to do!!) my nephew does it perfectly, and the two of them can talk back and forth for half an hour!!! its a riot to watch!
Kali gets all excited and rubs up against him- so cute!

i dunno why they seem to get quieter as they age... maybe they've said it all already!
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Thank you to everyone who replied! I guess my cats are normal after all! LOL! Lately I've noticed that Echo (the quiet one) has been more vocal. I think it has to do with her new buddy I got last month. My newest addition Tiki is very talkitive and Echo meows to get her attention. It's really cute to listen to...her voice is completely different than before. She sits at the top of the stairs and sounds so sad & pitiful until Tiki comes up there to play. I guess it's too cute to explain!
Thank you all once again,
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