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A Good Friend

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My best friend is coming over today after she gets her hair cut, this has become a monthly ritual. We chit chat and head out to lunch, it's always a nice afternoon.
We have worked together at three different jobs over the years and we are together again. We've basically grown up together work-wise and it's fun to look back over the years. We have the same work ethic and view of how things should be. I tend to be the straight "man" for her to work off, she has the quickest wit, gosh is she funny!
The great thing is when we haven't worked together, we kept in touch, but not that much, you know how it is when you don't work together, it's easy to just let it go. But whenever we would talk, it was like there was no time in between. We don't make demands on each other, we just enjoy one another, which is why our friendship works and endures.
She is computer savvy person, we both are technophiles. I now have my laptop on two networks so I can surf the net on one and listen to iTunes through the house stereo system at the same time. She's going to love it and of course she is going to have to have it all figured out before we go to lunch. I better have a snack.
She is the only friend I have like this, we are so in tune with each other, but not too much if you know what I mean. Do any of you have a friend like this?
Plus she watched our cats when we went on vacation, she didn't want Pru, our feral to be in a kennel and regress. She loves animals.
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What a wonderful friendship!

My best friend and I have been friends since we were 5,(and that was a long time ago ) she is like my parents other daughter! We don't live near each other anymore but talk at least 2x a day on the phone, all we ever do is scream and laugh, we have the best time! I only see her maybe 2x a year now. But when we are together it's a laugh fest! We have stuck by each other through all the trials and tribulations of our lives, and I wouldn't trade her for the world!
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I have my trio. It's been me and my two friends since before we started school. Even though one of them moved away before we started the first grade, she was only a 10 minute drive and going to a different school. In grade 7 our schools fed in to the same junior high. Before that we saw each other at birthday parties and sleepovers and long phone convo's and we even wrote letters to each other

We are 21 now and still great friends. It's absolutly amazing and I am so glad to have them as friends.

We are nothing a like though! It's weird. I'm the creative/quiet/right handed/"smart" one
Ashley is the "hip" one, into the hip hop music/dance/clubbing/boy crazy. Having a party, it doesn't start until she gets there.
Jackie is the one who you constantly have to reassure. and can't keep a secret. you want everyone to know something, tell her!
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That is a great relationship. She fun to be around, makes no demands and is available to care for your animals when needed. How much better can it get?

I have a good friend that I see once or twice a month for a movie and lunch. Otherwise, we don't hang out at each other's homes (we're both in the phase where we just want our privacy with our cats). In other words, we don't get into each other's business or wear each other out with too much contact. But we are available for whatever the other might need and cannot handle it alone. That's nice to know.
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